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Player Information
Globalchat.png This user's global chat handle is @Aerianne Connor.
Badge vr months generic.png This user has been playing City of Heroes since Issue 23.
Archetypeicon scrapper.png This user's main hero is a Scrapper.
Badge level 50.png This user has one or more Level 50 Heroes.

CoH Game Icon.png This user plays City of Heroes on the Virtue server.
Badge time.png This user's time zone is Eastern.


Although I had been aware of City of Heroes/City of Villains for several years (and colored fanart for other people), I hadn't gotten involved with the actual community until the combined Mac Client/City of Heroes Freedom release became available. At that point I got a free account... and sat on it. ^_^;

Fortunately, since I still had an account, that meant I could still play once the Shutdown was announced, and I managed to get my main, Aerianne Connor, up to level 50 and run all relevant task forces before closure. So at least that's something!

My Characters

Aerianne Connor
Name:   Aerianne Connor
Server: Virtue
Alignment: Align Status Hero.png Hero
Archetype: Archetypeicon scrapper.png Scrapper
Level: 50
Primary: Katana
Secondary: Willpower
Epic: Blaze Mastery

Katana / Sting of the Wasp Katana / Flashing Steel Katana / Build Up Katana / Divine Avalanche
Katana / The Lotus Drops Katana / Soaring Dragon Katana / Golden Dragonfly Flight / Fly
Willpower / High Pain Tolerance Willpower / Mind Over Body Willpower / Fast Healing Willpower / Indomitable Will
Willpower / Quick Recovery Willpower / Rise to the Challenge Willpower / Heightened Senses Willpower / Resurgence
Blaze Mastery / Ring of Fire Blaze Mastery / Char Blaze Mastery / Fire Blast Blaze Mastery / Melt Armor
Blaze Mastery / Fire Ball Leadership / Defense Leadership / Assault Leadership / Tactics

Aerianne Connor, Police Commissioner of Olympus City, thought that coming to Paragon City would be a nice working vacation -- see the sights, meet the locals, pick up a few pointers on how to deal with supervillian threats in her own city. She didn't expect to arrive in the middle of a full-out alien invasion AND a Nemesis Plot! And never mind what Arachnos or Praetoria has in store... talk about hands-on learning!

Ahwell, no use crying over spilt milk. Now, if you'd excuse us, she's got more punks to prosecute! Come -back- here!

((Appears to be mid-twenties. Fit, red hair, brown eyes. 6'0" Impressively, pleasingly proportioned.))

((Those who can sense it: Aeri is both Psionically and Magically active, but strongly shielded.))

Adm. Moyer
Name:   Adm. Moyer @Cadukaos
Server: Virtue
Alignment: Align Status Hero.png Hero
Archetype: Archetypeicon defender.png Defender
Level: 17
Primary: Force Field
Secondary: Energy Blast

Force Field / Deflection Shield Force Field / Force Bolt Force Field / Personal Force Field Force Field / Dispersion Bubble
Energy Blast / Power Bolt Energy Blast / Energy Torrent Energy Blast / Sniper Blast Flight / Fly
Teleportation / Teleport Teleportation / Recall Friend

Philip Moyer of the Terrapin Corps Exploration Fleet is no stranger to the fantastic. When you're a long-lived Admiral of a trans-dimensional exploration/peacekeeping force, where every mission brings you to a new universe with its own rules and possibilities, the strange and weird is your stock-in-trade.

However, foiling a successful assassination attempt by being reborn in the body of a crystalline starship - through esoteric magic curses, weird super science, and the cosmic all - is pretty far off the edge of the curve, even for him.

Fortunately for all involved, Philip regained the ability to resume human form (much to the relief of his wife, Aerianne Connor), and he is learning how to utilize his starship form's shields and energy weapons for the benefit of the people under his command, while touring this "Paragon City" place that he's heard his wife describe with such enthusiasm...

My Planned Characters

@Aerianne Connor
Name SL AT Powersets Server
Adm. Moyer xx Defender Force Field/Energy Blast Virtue
Arisa Aiziz xx Scrapper Dual Blades/Dark Armor Virtue
Princess Arisa xx Mastermind Demon Summoning/Undecided Virtue
Juillet Gabrielle xx Scrapper Broadsword/Shield Defense Virtue
Detective LeBeau xx Brute Super Strength/Invulnerability Virtue
Night Ace xx Scrapper Staff Fighting/Super Reflexes Virtue
Elsa Arendelle xx Defender Cold Domination/Ice Blast Virtue
Green Shadow xx Dominator Darkness Control/Dark Assault Virtue
Calibretto xx Tanker Invulnerability/Battle Axe Virtue
Detective Chu xx Blaster Electrical Blast/Electricity Manipulation Virtue
Derek Aiziz xx Tanker Dark Armor/Titan Weapons Virtue


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