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Character Background

Can't say it's not shiny.

An inventor and hobbyist who specializes in systematic optimization, Susan Preston has tinkered with a great many experiments and has made quite a name for herself in her circle of contacts. No one knows why she decided to take the hero thing for a whirl. Perhaps it was the result of a dare, or maybe some character building experiment, or it might be that her curiosity got the better of her. The potential reasons are innumerable because of Susan's peculiar outlook on life. She maintains an air of a simple, straightforward and logical analyst, but finds motivation in the strangest places and does things for reasons that people can only guess at. Only Susan herself knows why she does what she does, and that's assuming she lends enough attention to the "why" before moving onto the "how." For years she has confounded her friends, loved ones, random passersby and even trained psychologists: she seems to be the elegant and effective combination of rigid, deliberate methodology and irrational, impulsive playfulness.

Whatever was going through her mind at that moment, Susan decided to try her hand at tackling super powered criminals. Not being mystically inclined or augmented by any supernatural means herself, she had only her insights and materials at her disposal and knew how to make the most of it. She observed how some heroes fought with weapons; some with the elements; and yet others with chemical substances and decided that they each have their own merits and for no reason had to be used by themselves. With the goal in mind to mix all sorts of crime-fighting tools into one package, she set out to find a way to put them to use on the streets. What she came up with was an amalgamation of metal spikes, fiery combustion and debilitative toxins. Packed into armor and with her inside, the result was a heroine with a descriptive name that also matched her own: Soupie.

Character Details

Name:   Soupie
Server: Pinnacle
Alignment: Align Status Rogue.png Rogue
Archetype: Archetypeicon scrapper.png Scrapper
Level: 50
Primary: Spines
Secondary: Fiery Aura
Epic: Leviathan Mastery

Spines / Barb Swipe Spines / Lunge Spines / Spine Burst Spines / Build Up
Spines / Impale Spines / Quills Spines / Ripper Spines / Throw Spines
Fiery Aura / Fire Shield Fiery Aura / Blazing Aura Fiery Aura / Healing Flames Fiery Aura / Temperature Protection
Fiery Aura / Consume Fiery Aura / Plasma Shield Fiery Aura / Burn Fiery Aura / Rise of the Phoenix
Leviathan Mastery / Water Spout Leviathan Mastery / Hibernate Fighting / Boxing Fighting / Tough
Fighting / Weage Leaping / Combat Jumping Leaping / Super Jump Teleportation / Recall Friend

An Actual Project

After the unexpected sensation that was Slash Ragequit, curiosity got the better of me as to how I could make him better. He was a veritable powerhouse and wreaker of destruction, but still a Fiery Aura Scrapper and suffered some survivability issues when pitted against enemies in large quantities. If he was gonna get any better, he'd have to start avoiding some damage, and to do that on Fiery Aura all but requires a set bonus or two. I figured while I was thinking about increasing his defense, I might as well look into increasing his offense too.

I really liked the oddball utility in Claws--it's one of the only melee sets that incorporates ranged damage into its arsenal just for kicks. Especially when it comes to a Cone AoE, Claws is just about unique among the "hit them in the face" powersets. One of the specifications of Claws is that it's a fast powerset: the attacks do somewhat less damage than other melee sets, but they cost less Endurance and recharge faster. Against individual targets, it can pump out a constant stream of hurt that I'm sure is really attractive for people who are into that kind of thing. For me, though, coupling it with Fiery Aura was bittersweet. While on the one hand it was magnificent to play around with and worked well with its multi-target attacks, part of me just felt sore because I knew those multi-target attacks maybe weren't doing as much damage to the group as they could be, being Claws and all.

A quick scan of the other melee sets revealed another gem of a powerset. It turns out Claws has a twin; a sister set, if you will. In the same kind of way that Broad Sword and Katana are not-quite-mirror images of each other, the same can be said for Claws and Spines. Like their bladed cousins, one powerset is set up for quick and rapid attacks, while the other is set up for slower and heftier ones. With Claws being the quick one--and still devastating to group targets--the prospect of taking it a step further with Spines was ever so appetizing.

Obviously, Slash Ragequit couldn't be improved offensively by way of powerset change. They haven't given us that option (I'd say "yet," but I hope it never happens). The only alternative, of course, was to re-roll the character (or one like it, as the case may be) with Spines and start over from scratch. Enter Soupie.