Interrupt Time

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  1. A period after activating a power, during which the power can be interrupted.


  1. Since endurance is expended at the beginning of power activation, interruption can quickly suck the endurance bar dry.
  2. Powers can be interrupted by any movement, any damage, most status effects, and some debuffs.
  3. Slotting a power with Interrupt Reduction enhancements will reduce the amount of time during which a power can be interrupted, but does not decrease the overall interrupt window, meaning the full power animation remains the same from activation to completion, regardless of Interrupt Reduction enhancements.
  • For example, Power X's full power animation is 3.67 seconds. Let's say a full second of that is the interrupt window. Slotting a single Interrupt Reduction enhancement SO in there reduces the actual interrupt period to .6 seconds. However, the animation is still 3.67 seconds long, not 3.27 seconds, because the interrupt window does not change.


  1. Any snipe power from Blast sets, like Sniper Blast from Energy Blast.
  2. Any long-animation teleport power, such as the Pocket D VIP Pass or the Base Transporter.
  3. The inherent power Rest.