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DevEarth Thorn.jpg


Thorn is a Monster of the Devouring Earth. It can be found in the northern islands of Peregrine Island and The Hive for heroes, and in Monster Island and The Abyss for villains.


No one knows exactly how Hamidon breathed life into this colossal tree. What is certain is that the tree is grateful. Thorn defends Hamidon's Eden with a fearsome vigor, and seems to have no sympathy for anything that walks on two legs.


SuperStrength FootStomp.png Foot Stomp AoE Smash, Knockback
Adamastor shakes the very earth itself with a super Foot Stomp, attacking everything in a nearby area.

Invisibility Invisibility.png Hidden Spawn
Some Thorns have the ability to spawn hidden as trees, untargetable until a hero gets near. They can´t move while hidden in this way, nor they can hide while in combat or after it.

Paramilitary EnlistSpecialForces.png Summon Swarm Summon
All Devoured can summon The Swarm.

Quills Impale.png Thorn (Ranged) Foe Immobilize
You are impaled by a large Thorn. You are Immobilized.

Quills QuillThrowing.png Thorn Blast (Cone) Lethal, Knockback
The Plant can throw a bunch of Thorns in a narrow cone arc and impale a group of foes. Impaled foes may be knocked down.

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