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The Wolf's Throat is a vital causeway for the Council, linking the outside world to the innards of the Council Base. When the Council goes to war they say "Let the wolf howl," indicating a massive outpouring of force from here. Lately, however, that howl has been choked by an influx of Banished Pantheon into this critical supply and transit corridor. While the Banished Pantheon make such bold attacks, the Council's war plans are stalled.


The Wolf's Snarl badge is located 13 feet SSW from the Wolf's Throat marker, inside the tunnel. Its coordinates are (-3222.4, -127.7, -1823.7).

Badge The Wolf's Snarl.jpg

This tunnel entrance from the Council Base, located at (-4022.4, -63.5, -1855.9) is the closest entry to this badge.

Striga council base tunnel entrance.jpg


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