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For the following summaries, there are various options that an activity can involve, as follows:

  • Door Missions: An instanced mission that only teammates can enter.
    • Defeat All: Requires defeating all enemies in the instance.
  • Talks: Deliver information or items to or obtain information or items from an NPC other than the contact.
    • In a regular Story Arc, only the mission holder may complete the talk mission.
    • In a Task Force, Strike Force, or Trial, anyone on the team may complete the talk mission, not just the mission holder.
  • Hunts: Defeat enemy critters, sometimes restricted to a particular zone.
    • Ambushes of the required enemy faction often accompany hunt missions.
  • Patrols: Explore a zone by "calling in" at (clicking on) specific items, including pay phones and other items.
  • Contains tough enemy critters:
    • EB: Contains an Elite Boss, which does not upgrade into an Archvillain/Hero, even when Notoriety and team size is high enough.
    • AV: Contains an Archvillain/Hero, which may or may not downgrade into an Elite Boss, depending on Notoriety and team size.
      • AVs in most Task Forces, Strike Forces, and Trials do not downgrade.
      • Ouroboros Task Forces and Strike Forces are Story Arcs that utilize the TF function, thus AVs/etc. will downgrade like in a Story Arc.
    • Monster: Contains a Monster, whose defeat is usually required to advance the story.
    • GM: Contains a Giant Monster, whose defeat is usually not required to advance the story.