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This template is used to create part of an Invention Origin Enhancement/Recipe article. It provides tables detailing the percentages that the enhancement improves the aspects of a power, by level.

This template should not be used on enhancements that only provide global effects or procs. However, if the enhancement provides a global effect or proc as well as enhances some aspect of the power, then this template can still be used.

If the enhancement is a standard IO, then this template should not be used. {{CommonIOEffectTable}} should be used instead.


This template takes several named arguments and several position arguments. It needs from and to parameters to specify the level ranges of the enhancement. It needs a num parameter that specifies how many aspects the enhancement has (1, 2, 3, or 4). And it accepts up to four position parameters, which should be the names of the aspects it enhances (Accuracy, Damage, Recharge, etc.).

Some examples:

{{IOEffectTables|num=4|from=30|to=53|Accuracy|Damage|END Red.|Recharge}}

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