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There seem to be some conflicting pieces of data around, so there are some notes from my overhaul & completion of this article that may require changes:

  • Scorpion shield - the description says resistance to toxic, defense to energy but previously the tables had energy in resistance.
  • Posionous ray - DoT was set to energy/toxic but the description says just toxic. It's a bit confused, comparing what was on here, what the text says and what NoFuture has. I've put down what might be correct but it could definitely do with checking/changing by someone who knows exactly what the details are.
  • Mace Blast has heavy damage for brutes, medium damage for Stalkers. I've assumed that difference is correct and not an error in some text.
  • Mace Beam, the Stalker Sniper attack, has ToHit Debuff enhancements listed on NoFuture but there's no mention of a debuff in the power description here or there. Does it really it take them and use them? Or, is it a bug or a NoFuture typo? I've current listed them as accepted.
  • For the summon powers I wasn't sure what to do and have currently done nothing past the table! The information on the various bots on the Wiki lists a different set of attacks to the specific lists for the summoned versions on NoFuture. I'm assuming that's because they do actually use an altered set (eg. I'm guessing a summoned Arachnobot Disruptor can't then produce Spiderlings? A shame!). The pet attacks should be presented on this page (or linked to a pet specifc page elsewhere) but a format needs to be chosen, as well as confirmation of which powers are available to them.

If anyone can confirm anything in this list, please pop an additional note here (whether an article change is required or not), just to avoid any confusion. --Alex Hopkinson 07:40, 20 September 2006 (PDT)

Needs pictures

Epecially since the maces look different for different characters.

VEATs + I13

Can someone confirm that VEATs got Focused Accuracy in I13? - Baalus Seth 14:18, 2 January 2009 (UTC)

No. VEATs use Brutes' old pre-I13 Masteries. Splitting. -- Agge (talk) 17:44, 2 January 2009 (UTC)


I believe the levels at which you gain these powers has changed. According to the Issue 21 change notes:

  1. Epic and Patron Power Pools have been adjusted:
   * Tier 1 or 2 Powers are now available at level 35.
   * Tier 3 or 4 Powers are now available at level 41.
   * Tier 5 Powers are now available at level 44.

I'm not yet level 35 so I don't know for sure. RogerWilco 23:47, 16 March 2012 (UTC)