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  • I've heard $name has been working with the Rikti! The war only ended a few years ago. That collaborating scum!
  • $name beat Positron!
  • I heard that Valkyrie has sworn revenge againt $name. That's a brave villain. I wouldn't want her to get upset at me.

Assorted text from first storyarc

Somebody format this nice an' propa.

  • Ascendant Archon: Combating the Council redefines foolish!
  • Agent Tyrell: What do you mean, 'Rikti weapons detected'?
  • Agent Tyrell: Oh, no! Not on my watch you don't!
  • Longbow Rifleman: I worry too much, do I?
  • Chief Mesmerist: Possibility: Place creche: There. Possibility: Place monitor system: There. And Fishtank: There. Perhaps: Indirect Lighting? Decisions: Decisions: Decisions.