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Hacker and Technophile
Zone Underground Nova
Coordinates (-4185, -508, -395)
Level Range 1-10
Introduced By == Level 4 ==
Introduces == Level 4 ==
Jack Hammer
Enemy Groups Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls
Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork
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Splice is a Praetorian contact in Underground Nova at coordinates (-4185, -508, -395).  Her level range is 1-10.


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

I've got someone I think you should meet.

Jack Hammer is an unofficial leader of our little group down here. He's a little hooked on Fixadine but it's what makes him the kinda guy that we all follow into battle. Well, everyone else, that is.

Make sure you don't stiff Jack Hammer on any crush, it could lead to some trouble.


Hacker and Technophile

A reclusive technophile, Splice's skill with a soldering iron has saved more lives than almost anyone else in the Resistance. She invented 'blueboxes', cheap home-made devices that allow the Resistance to send and receive messages over Praetoria City's power lines, known lovingly as 'The Static'. She's also pioneered a technique to allow cellular phones to function off the grid, a feat she boasts to have figured out in only five minutes flat.

Currently she's working on reprogramming captured clockwork androids. Of course, since the things pack dangerous weaponry the specimens her allies bring in for her are usually less than functional.

Prior to Introduction

Not sure who you are, slappy, don't really got a mind to find out. Oh, don't take it personally, I just don't like most people. Well, all people.

Wrong Alignment

Go away. I don't have time for you.

Initial Contact

The name's Splice, I do the tinkerin' down here under the lion's den. I guess we're cuttin' together now. That's cool. Just so you know, nothing against you or anythin', but I hate people. Just a rule of mine, don't be put off by it.


...someone stepped on my recorder. This is why I hate people.

Let's not talk long. I hate dealing with people.

If only we had more robots in the Resistance...

Too Busy

Word on the wire is that you're meltin' insulation, slammer. Handle your business, take care of some tasks, and lower your signature a little, then we can get back to blasting static.

Too Low Level


No More Missions

You cut data pretty good for a slammer. I'm all out of fresh juice for The Static, but bounce with me later and I might have something we can cut on.


Story Arc

Insert Paranoia Here

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


TPN Clockwork Report

You watched a report on TPN about an event that was dubbed, 'The Clockwork Massacre'. It showed clips of the attack, along with images of Praetor White and Emperor Cole arriving towards the end to clean things up. The report tried to put a spin on the whole matter, saying that it was clearly, 'Resistance trying to scare us', but you can know the people of Nova Praetoria aren't going to be looking at Clockwork the same ever again. You think about how it all began, in an experience called...

Insert Paranoia Here

You began working with Splice, a woman who was as anti-social as she was brilliant with technology. You went down into the tunnels of Praetoria to save a messenger who had information from the Static. Splice explained he carried an important piece of information for a plan of hers - to create a massive amount of chaos within Nova by hacking the Clockwork and causing them to attack the citizens around them.

You returned to Splice with the messenger alive and the information he retrieved - it was just what she needed to finish her device. She asked that you test a small version of the device in the CMF. When you entered the CMF, all the Clockwork there went haywire and attacked you, all according to the plan.

Splice had members of the Resistance set up the devices in the Magisterium and explained that she had arranged for Praetor Duncan and Praetor White to not be in the Magisterium at that time. As well, the PPD would be busy chasing after a false lead regarding the location of Calvin Scott. All you and Splice had to do was sit back and watch the carnage from a small device she had.

Unfortunately, as with most things that have, 'all you had to do' preceding it, something went wrong. Rogue Clockwork disabled Splice's self-destruct mechanism, meaning you had to go topside and handle the situation yourself. Which wasn't a problem for someone like yourself.

With that damage done, the people's confidence in Cole's regime - or at least in the Clockwork - has been shaken. Soon enough it will shatter and fall!

Part One: The Problem with People


You know how I hate people? I'm about to give you an example of exactly why I hate them.

We have this thing called the Static, right? We use it to communicate over frequencies. I don't go near there because of the ghouls, so we have someone who is supposed to be smart enough to not get caught by ghouls, relaying messages back and forth through the Static.

Now earlier he ran off to get some important information for me from the Static. Guess what happens? He doesn't come back.

My bet is that he was chomped by some ghouls, but that's just hopeful thinking.

I need someone to go rescue whatever remains of him. He should have on him a transcript of what he found on the Static.

  • What's this all going to lead to?

Always asking questions, this is why I hate people. You tell a robot what to do and it does it.

Here's the plan. I've got a person sending me the last bit of information I need to cause the Clockwork to go haywire. I don't mean haywire, 'haha it can't get up', I mean haywire as, 'RUN IT'S COMING TO KILL ALL OF US' kind of haywire. That have your attention now?

We've been planning this for a while, see? We get this working, Clockwork everywhere are going to go crazy and start attacking anyone they see.

This is just gonna go to show that you can't trust Cole or anyone. The people, that scared little mass of people, won't ever look at Clockwork the same ever again after this. That will help push the tide for us, but more importantly, it'll go to show what people are - just a bunch of scared cattle waiting to be herded.

Unnecessary Solicitation

You need to get that thing taken care of we talked about earlier.

Mission Objective(s)

Map: P_Tunnels_30_Layout_07_01

The sound of ghouls snarling echoes in the halls. If Splice is right, this whole operation will lead to massive chaos topside for Cole and the people of Praetoria.

  • Retrieve the Resistance Message Carrier
    • Find the Resistance Courier

You got the information that Splice needed.


Badge DefeatGhouls.png Ghouls

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Rockaby gave you the information he found from the Static, which was a draw up of some sort of schematic. Looking it over, it seems to be instructions on how to put together the final piece of a device.


So Rockaby was still alive? Figures, annoying people never die in a timely manner. Good to see you found the schematics.

I knew they'd be the final piece of this puzzle. I should've figured this was how the emitter was set up, why didn't I? Little moment of weakness, relying on someone else to do the last leg, I shouldn't do it again.

Give me a few minutes here, Character, then we're going to ramp this up to get some real carnage going.

You got some worth to ya, Character. Here's a secure line you can cut to me with.

Part Two: Shutdown


I've got the device all set to go, Character. We just need to test this on a small scale before we let loose with our grand plan.

Splice hands you a small, odd-looking device, similar to a very large phone.

This is the handheld version of my work, I've got some bigger prototypes out back.

The most important part of any plan is to account for human error. So that's why I'm asking you to take this device and go to the CMF. It should make the Clockwork around there go crazy. And since you're a member of Powers Division, it won't seem odd for you to be bashing them in when they attack you. Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?

  • As long as there is no 'human' error


Now, make sure you get this done quickly. Like now. Everything is coming together smoothly, and I don't want to run into any complications because you decided to take your time on this. The whole operation is working on very precise, pin-point timing. As soon as you're wrapped up with this, let me know.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Are you waiting? Creating mass paranoia doesn't wait for anyone!

In the CMF

Mission Objective(s)


You had to wait inside for some time before a good amount of Clockwork showed up. Time to see if Splice's emitter works.

  • Test Splice's Device
    • Wipe out all Clockwork in the CMF

It looks like Splice's device is working perfectly. Time to escalate this to the final plan.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork


So it all worked out? Good, that's the thing with robots. They're always reliable, they don't get chomped or slammed like some people around here.

Everything is about to go off without a hitch. Can you believe that? Something like this never happens.

Some of our undercover agents up top have gone forward to place the emitters on the ground. See, they look like just ordinary suitcases until I activate them - that's when they transform into a larger version of that emitter of yours to broadcast my signal.

It's going to be carnage on a massive scale, Character, and it's going to be amazing.

Part Three: My Robot Butler, the Killer


Good news, Character, everything is all set to go. I normally don't say this, but I think you should get down here to watch the carnage with me. I have little devices planted on the emitters to monitor the situation.

You also shouldn't be around there when the carnage begins, it could be bad. I might care just a little bit if you get doused in fire.

Meet up with our guy, Santiago. He's got a feed over to me. I wanna see your face when you hear the attack begin!

  • Alright, I'm on my way.

Great, just, you know, hurry up. We're on a schedule!

Unnecessary Solicitation

Come on! We've got a small window of opportunity here!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Observe the Magisterium Carnage


Santiago nods silently to you and holds up a makeshift computer screen. Splice is on it, smirking at you.

Character, finally. Let's get this party started.

Splice holds up a small television in the viewing screen, showing the area around the Magisterium. With a push of a button, a small wave of electricity is sent out. You see all the Clockwork in the area twitch for a moment before turning to attack the citizens around them. You notice Praetor White and Praetor Duncan are nowhere to be found.

It worked! Hah! I knew it! All this planning and it all came together!

I've been waiting months for this moment, Character. Remember Bravo Team trying to steal Marauder's day planner?

That was to make sure that he was scheduled to be somewhere else at this exact moment, just like Praetor Duncan. And Cole, from what I heard from our woman on the inside, is already off somewhere else.

And guess where the PPD are! Somewhere in the tunnels, thinking they've got a lead on where Calvin Scott is! And it was all orchestrated by ME!

  • Job well done. What's the next step?

I've got a self-destruct device on the emitters. The signal should have spread through all of Nova, so now it's just a simple matter of destroying the evidence so they're none the wiser - hey! Hey! GET AWAY FROM THAT!

The screen shows several Clockwork tinkering with Splice's device. After a few moments, they turn and walk away. Splice furiously pushes a button on her handheld device.

It's not working. Character, it's not working! This is impossible, it's MY technology, it's supposed to work!

No, no no no no no! Those stupid Clockwork, why weren't they effected?!

  • You sound like you have a problem.

We ALL do Character, if those emitters aren't destroyed, they'll be able to track it straight back to here, or worse, stop any future plans to do this in Imperial!

You're the only one who can go up there to destroy them - they'll just think you're a member of Powers Division, swooping in to save the day.

  • I'm on it. (Start Mission)

The undefended Magisterium

Mission Objective(s)


The sounds of civilians screaming for help fill the air. The Magisterium is lost in total chaos, for the moment.

  • Observe the Magisterium Carnage
    • 2 emitters to destroy

You've destroyed the emitters, preventing the PPD from tracking down who exactly planted them.


Badge DefeatClockwork.png Praetorian Clockwork


That was too close, Character. Maybe you are someone that I can rely on. I was watching the fight from here, I don't understand what was up with those Clockwork. They were talking differently than normal Clockwork...maybe Neuron installed a new AI?

Regardless, we got what we wanted done. People aren't looking at Clockwork the same anymore. How could you, when you saw the same robot slaughter your friend's cousin in broad daylight?

This whole thing here is just one more step forward in our fight against Cole, and it's one that we pulled off. Not other bumbling members of this place, us. I don't have anything else right now that we could work on - got to catch up on all the phones I got to put some protections on.

Jack Hammer is interested in working with you, though. Says he has a plan that's right up your alley.