Spirit Thorns

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This article is about the story behind Spirit Thorns. For the salvage, see Spirit Thorn Salvage.

Spirit Thorns

Salvage HellishTooth.png
Nerva's Thorn Tree, the only known source of the Spirit Thorns so far

Distributed via the black market, the Spirit Thorns are typically given by the Circle of Thorns to power-hungry mages. When thrust into the mage's heart, the thorn can greatly amplify his/her power.[1]

The wounds caused seem to close as quickly as they open, sealing the enchanted thorn deep in the mage's body and imbuing him with unique magical powers.[2]

The true nature of the Spirit Thorns it's far more sinister that it seems: these spirit thorns aren't relics of power given to the Circle's favored members, but traps. When a mage plunges a Spirit Thorn into his heart, it opens a gateway into his very soul that the Circle can exploit. Through it they can posses the thorn bearer, overriding his will, supplanting and imprisoning his very soul.[1]

The amplification of powers comes from the fact that the once minor mage's body is now possessed by an old an powerful Oranbegan spirit, so it seems he's much more powerful now. The Spirit Thorn amplifies the owner's powers, as promised... in a certain way.

This seems to have been the destiny of the supposed Circle of Thorns founder, Baron Zoria and his inner circle since the fateful night of 1899 when the Circle was officially founded and they drove the bizarre spines into their chests.[2]

The Thorns' source seems to be the Thorn Tree in the Nerva Archipelago. It is unknown if others sources exist.[3]


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