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This otherworld has been overshadowed by corrupting magic.


This badge is awarded for spending any amount of time on the mission map in the Disrupt Nightstar's ritual mission from Maria Jenkins. The badge is awarded after a random period of time while on the map, or will be rewarded immediately if you leave the map.

Note: This badge is awarded for spending time on a particular mission map regardless of the mission it's used in. This means that characters may receive this badge in unintended missions. For example, it is also awarded during Destroy Bossname and his team from Colleen Nelson.
Note: This mission is under "Black Shroud Dimension" on the Ouroboros crystal.


Badge dimensional set 01.png  Portal Jockey Badge        


The Shrouded badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called Shady.

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