Sam Wincott

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Sam Wincott is the son of policeman Lieutenant David Wincott. His abduction by the Trolls four years ago was the driving force behind Lt. Wincott's joining the Troll Task Force.


Four years ago, Sam Wincott was abducted by the Trolls and forced into slavery. While a slave, Sam began having strange dreams about the Minions of Igneous, slowly understanding more about the strange creatures and the magical gateway that they guard: the Cavern Of Transcendence.

While in Troll hands, Sam was being magically monitored by the Circle of Thorns. Once Sam divined the location of the Cavern, the Circle stole him away from the Trolls.

It is up to eight heroes to rescue Sam Wincott and prevent the Circle from opening a doorway to near unlimited power.

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  • Pages of Sam Wincott's journal are clues scattered through several Hollows missions.