Ruin (Omega Team)

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Ruin was a member of the Omega Team.

Not much is known about him other than that he was an arch-nemesis of Hero 1, and had spent years battling against him and Dawn Patrol before the Rikti War happened. Ruin either fought against the Rikti or remained in hiding until he caught word of Hero 1 forming Omega Team out of a group of magical-based heroes for an assault on the Rikti homeworld. Joining Omega Team just because he could, he fought alongside Omega Team in the Rikti main portal base and went through the portal along with the rest of Omega Team, who shut down the portal from the Rikti homeworld, stopping all reinforcements reaching Earth.

Time Capsule

On 27th November 2009, the Omega Team time capsule was opened. Inside was Ruin's final letter.