Researcher Haversham

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Researcher Haversham

Researcher Haversham is one of the Legacy Chain scholars who has a lot of information on Calistyx the Shaper. He can be found during the mission Force information on Calystix from the Legacy Chain from Diviner Maros (CoV, Levels 25 - 29), and he must be kidnapped and taken to the library.

Researcher Haversham has almost the same hit points as a Lieutenant of the same level and no attacks at all.

Once you have captured him, three waves of Legacy Chain mystics will try to free him.


This hapless citizen is in over his head.


Just before you capture him, he will be talking with his Legacy Chain bodyguards:

Researcher Haversham: I believe it connects! It could explain the Freakshow's recent activity!
Legacy Chain minion: Hmm.


Researcher Haversham: Gads! That must be Character!
Legacy Chain minion: It is!
Legacy Chain minion: Protect Haversham!

After being captured:

Researcher Haversham: You fiend! I shan't help you get the information you need!

If he's recaptured:

Researcher Haversham: No! Rally, my fellows! Don't let Character win!

Finally, at the bookcase:

Researcher Haversham: I'll tell you what we know of Calystix the Shaper. Just hurt no one else.


Legacy Chain mage: We must rescue Mr. Haversham from Character!