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Destroying the Destroyers has destroyed their chance to cause destruction, even if saying out loud sounds a bit redundant. Those big and strangely colored targets are hard to resist. You destroyed many Destroyers to earn this badge.

How to Get

Defeat 100 points of Destroyers to earn this badge. Each minion counts as 1 point, lieutenants as 2 points, and bosses as 5 points.

CreateSymbol Praetorian.png Requires Going Rogue.

Where to Find

Praetorian Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
2-4 Nova Praetoria Elyssian Avenue
5-6 Nova Praetoria North Aetna
7-8 Nova Praetoria South Aetna
4-5 Underground Nova Sector A
5-6 Underground Nova Sector B
6-8 Underground Nova Sector C
9-10 Imperial City People's Park, Logos
11-12 Imperial City Industry Avenue, Aureas
11-13 Underground Imperial Sector B
13-15 Underground Imperial Sector C

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