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You have been manipulated by this place. It has played you like a well-tuned instrument. It has fed you lies and thrown your shortcomings at your face. This place, by its very existence, mocks you and your attempts to understand it. Just as you think you've got a handle on this place it presents you with some new insanity to confound the senses. You feel anger growing like a cancer at the center of your being, a burning rage at every little indignity you've been made to suffer here. Each step you take is fueled by your anger; you will make the Shadow Shard and the things that call this place home pay for what they've done to you.


The Red Fog badge is located 240 yards NW of the Path of Rage marker, just west of the geyser.

Its coordinates are (-7523, 1893, 4177).

Badge Red Fog.jpg


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