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Quarry is a Monster of the Devouring Earth. It can be found in the northern islands of Peregrine Island and The Hive for heroes, and in Monster Island and The Abyss for villains. For heroes, it can also be found at the near the beginning of the Eden Trial given by the Woodsman.


The greatest of Hamidon's rock beasts, Quarry roams Eden with a single purpose: to destroy any humans who stray inside. It may not be the smartest of Hamidon's followers, but it's certainly among the strongest. More than one hero has met his fate beneath Quarry's stony foot.


StoneMelee Fault.png Fault Foe Disorient
The Rock Monster has Disoriented you.

StoneMelee HurlBoulder.png Hurl Boulder Ranged, Smash, Foe Knockback
The Rock can rip up a boulder out of the ground and Hurl it a moderate distance. The Hurled Boulder deals medium damage and can Knockback foes.

Paramilitary DraftArmy.png Rubble Post death Special
When Giant Rock Monsters are defeated, they can crumble and may form into several smaller versions of itself.

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