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You have seen the statue of Cassiopeia, a Heroine recognized as a citizen of every country on Earth after she single-handedly saved the world from a rogue comet.


The Patriot Badge is located in the Atlas Plaza neighborhood of Atlas Park. The badge marker is inside City Hall, just in front of the statue located just left (west) of the supergroup registration desk.

Its coordinates are (164, -768, -673).

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Badge HeroExploreAccolade.png  Atlas Tour Guide Badge        

Supergroup Badge

Badge sgitem.png  Atlas Park Beacon Badge        


The Patriot badge is awarded to characters of the hero and vigilante alignments. The same badge on villains and rogues is called International Spy.


Originally, this badge was awarded at the flag on top of City Hall (now the Freedom Badge). The location and description were changed to be less Ameri-centric.

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