Panther Stealth Power

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ParagonMarket Power PantherStealth.png
The Panther Stealth Power is a stealth power available from the Paragon Market. This is an account purchase, does not need to be claimed from email, and becomes usable at Level 4. When active, all powers become untoggled and disabled, although one vanity pet can be used.

Paragon Market Description

  • Transform into a black panther with stealth ability.
  • Transform into a black panther and turn invisible to stalk your prey from the shadows! Once purchased, this power will be unlocked on all characters on your account, and usable at Level 4. When the Panther Stealth Power is active, all powers become disabled and untoggled (although use of one Vanity Pet is allowed).


  • This power was released on May 15, 2012. Price at time of release was 650 Paragon Points.