Master of Minds of Mayhem Badge

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You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: The Minds of Mayhem.

How to Get

Icon vip.png Requires a VIP subscription.

Earn the following badges:

Badge it mom complete.png  Mental Voyager Badge       Complete the Minds of Mayhem Trial.
Badge it mom achievement.png  Dreamwalker Badge       Defeat all of Malaise's possible nightmares at least once.
Badge it mom achievement.png  A Perfect Storm Badge       Defeat Penelope Mayhem while creating no more than 4 Eyes of the Storm, then complete the trial.
Badge it mom achievement.png  Daylight Saver Badge       Defeat Mother Mayhem without allowing Aurora Borealis' health to drop below 75%, and then complete the trial.
Badge it mom achievement.png  Lost Connection to Server Badge       Defeat Shalice Tilman without missing any opportunity to sever her connection to the Seer Network, and then complete the trial.

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