Master of Keyes Island Reactor Badge

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You have mastered the Incarnate Trial: Keyes Island Reactor.

How to Get

Icon vip.png Requires a VIP subscription.

Earn the following badges:

Badge it keyes achievement.png  Anti-Anti-Matter Badge       Complete the Keyes Island Reactor Trial after having brought Anti-Matter below 10% of his health while attempting to take control of Reactor Hope.
Badge it keyes achievement.png  Bunker Buster Badge       During the Keyes Island Reactor Trial, bust down all three doors on a bunker within three seconds, and then repeat for all bunkers near Reactor Infinity.
Badge it keyes achievement.png  Loves A Challenge Badge       Complete the Keyes Island Reactor Trial without anyone dying or destroying any terminals during the final battle with Anti-Matter.
Badge it keyes achievement.png  Avoids the Green Stuff Badge       Don't let anyone be caught by an Obliteration Beam in the final battle with Anti-Matter during the Keyes Island Reactor Trial.

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