Marked for Death Badge

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The Syndicate has marked you for death, but if they're smart they won't get anywhere near you. You defeated several Syndicate members to earn this badge.

How to Get

Defeat 100 points of Syndicate enemies to earn this badge. Each minion counts as 1 point, lieutenants as 2 points, and bosses as 5 points.

CreateSymbol Praetorian.png Requires Going Rogue.

Where to Find

Praetorian Zones

Level Zone Neighborhood
9-10 Imperial City People's Park, Logos
11-13 Imperial City Industry Avenue, Aureas
13-14 Imperial City Four Gables
14-15 Imperial City Tiberian Bluff
N/A Imperial City Syndicate Takedown Event
9-11 Underground Imperial Sector A
11-13 Underground Imperial Sector B
13-15 Underground Imperial Sector C
16-17 Neutropolis Neuron's Reach
19-20 Neutropolis Keyes Island

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