Longbow Warzone Liaison

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The Longbow Warzone Liaison is an NPC located in the Fool's Gold District neighborhood of Steel Canyon close to the central eastern wall gate that takes heroes to the Siren's Call zone. Her coordinates are (-4,891, 0, -947).

There is a mission to speak to the Longbow Warzone Liaison assigned by Wilma Peterson and Oliver Haak.

note: The mission to contact the Longbow Warzone Liaison is likely to be issued by any regular contact upon attaining level requirements, typically soon after reaching level 20.

Initial Contact

I'm looking for heroes to head into Siren's Call. It's a Warzone, which means you'll probably wind up in combat with villains. But it's important that every able hero makes his presence felt there. We have to stave off Arachnos' invasion! Talk to Agent Brinson to get an assignment, or look up the Security Chief to learn about bounties.Siren's Call is a heroes versus villains PVP area. Do not enter if you are not willing to face player villains who are trying to defeat you.