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DevEarth Lattice.jpg


Lattice is a Monster of the Devouring Earth. It can be found in the northern islands of Peregrine Island and The Hive for heroes, and in Monster Island and The Abyss for villains.


This giant crystal monster may be the most beautiful of Hamidon's strange creations. It is also one of the deadliest. Lattice will happily slaughter any human being who sets foot within Hamidon's bizarre paradise.


IceBlast IceBlast.png Crystal Shards Ranged, Smashing/Lethal
The Crystal Beast can fling Crystal Shards, dealing smashing and lethal damage.

SuperStrength FootStomp.png Foot Stomp AoE Smash, Knockback
Giant Crystal Monster shakes the very earth itself with a super Foot Stomp, attacking everything in a nearby area.

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