Lady Winter

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Lady Winter is an Archvillain for the enemy group Elemental Lords. She appears during the Winter Events on a mission from Father Time.


Lady Winter has descended upon Earth with her Winter Hordes in order to cover the entire planet in ice, starting with Agincourt and the Rogue Isles!


Before combat: Some fools think they can stop me? Let them try! I will add them to my collection of ice statues!
Combat start: I'll enjoy shattering you into pieces!


Completing the Defeat Lady Winter! mission from Father Time awards the Cold as Ice badge:

File:Badge Holiday10DefeatLadyWinter.png Cold as Ice

You successfully iced Lady Winter's plans to freeze the Earth with her Arctic powers and snowy horde!


IceBlast Blizzard.png Blizzard Extreme DoT(Cold), -ACC, -Speed, -Recharge
The Blizzard is slowing you as it rips you to sheds. Get out!

StormSummoning Gale.png Gale Ranged (Cone), Minor DMG(Smash), Foe Knockback
You can call forth a tremendous gust of Gale force winds that knock down foes and deal some Smashing damage in a wide cone area. Damage: Minor, Recharge: Moderate

IcyOnslaught GreaterIceSword.png Greater Ice Sword -Recharge, -SPD
Lady Winter has slowed your attack and movement speed.

IceBlast IceBlast.png Ice Blast -Recharge, -SPD
Lady Winter has slowed your attack and movement speed.

IcyOnslaught IceSword.png Ice Sword -Recharge, -SPD
Lady Winter has slowed your attack and movement speed.

IceFormation Shiver.png Shiver -Recharge, -SPD
Lady Winter has slowed your attack and movement speed.

IceArmor ChillingEmbrace.png Chill -Recharge, -Speed
Lady Winter is so cold, your attack rate and movement speed is reduced just being near her.

IceArmor Hoarfrost.png Crystalize Foe -10% Res(All but Fire) -5% Def(All)
Lady Winter is so cold, you begin freezing from being near her. You are becoming increasingly stiff and brittle.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

This power is able to stack with itself the longer players stay within her reach.

IceArmor Hoarfrost.png Ice Shield Self Heal, +Max HP
When Lady Winter is about to die, it puts up this Ice Shield which grants almost total Resistance to all damage types except Fire. Duration: Short.

Temporary PVP BuffDefense.png Resistance Resistance
Archvillain Resistance.