Improved Chill Cannon

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This is a base Defense item. +++ Missing Information +++


The Improved Cryo Cannon fires a blast of super coolant capable of affecting even the most fiery super. In addition to causing damage, the cannon can freeze the target in place for a short period of time.

Additional Information

Improved Chill Cannon
Base Element Type Defense Item
Price 50000 prestige
Unlocked by +++ Missing Information +++
Energy Consumed 150
Control Consumed 5
Crafted at Expert Worktable
Salvage Required Salvage Ring.png 1 Luck Charm Salvage MercuryCircuits.png 1 Computer Virus Salvage Treatise.png 1 Chemical Formula

Salvage MagicalWard.png 1 Rune Salvage CircuitBoard.png 1 Circuit Board Salvage Notes.png 1 Scientific Law


Salvage Scrolls.png 1 Fortune Salvage TemporalAnalyzer.png 1 Temporal Analyzer Salvage Treatise.png 1 Chaos Theorem

Effects Ranged, Mod DMG (Cold), Immobilize Foe
Maximum Connections 3
Allowed "Aux" Items Damage Booster, Targeting Module, Sensor Array, Energy Shield, Transformer, Auto Repair, Relay
Arcane Equivalent Improved Snow Crystal

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