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Chance holds little sway over the fate of Night Ward's visitors, and your happening upon the Midnighter Mansion was no exception. Despite the gloomy facade of this old Victorian house you feel eerily at home within its walls.


The House Hunter badge is located in the The Arcane Quarter neighborhood, just inside the door to the Midnighter Mansion.

Its coordinates are (1699, -577, -1975). To get into the mansion you have to enter through another entrance to obtain the badge. The coordinates for the entrance is 1797.9 109.6 -2416.4 (It's a greenish colored building on top of a hill 94 yards from the Tunnel entry on your map).

Badge House Hunter.jpg


P NovaPraetoriaExplorer.png  Ethereal Drifter Badge        


Earning the House Hunter badge will automatically unlock the Midnight Squad Badge for characters who have not acquired it.

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