Fire Wire

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Fire Wire
Fire Wire.jpg
Zone Mercy Island
Coordinates (-2726, 239, 139)
Level Range 1-7
Introduced By Operative Kuzmin
Introduces Lt. Harris
Enemy Groups V badge RIP.png Rogue Island Police
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos
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Fire Wire is a villain contact in the Mercy neighborhood of Mercy Island at coordinates (-2726, 239, 139). His level range is 1-7.

Fire Wire can also be found in the Galaxy City tutorial, titled as Well Dressed Man. He is in the Arachnos Safe Zone, at coordinates (-2220, -11, -12).


Sup? Name's Fire Wire. Crazy stuff going down here, huh? But you and me, we're survivors. We're the baddest of the bad! Arachnos is gonna make us BIG, you know?!

Heh, you might even say you and me got something in common now.

  • If you want to rely on Arachnos, be my guest.
Hrmph... I didn't mean it... whatever! I can handle myself, buzz off!
  • Hrmph. (Leave)
  • We don't have anything in common, now back off.
You think you're better than me?! Pah! You're just lucky I ain't gonna throw down with you here.
Me and my fire artifact are just fine knowin' that you and me got nothin' in common.
  • Whatever. (Leave)
  • You bet we're the best. See you back in the isles.
Hah, yeah! Can't wait to get myself lifted over there, it's gonna be great, gonna be able to do whatever we want!
  • Sure will be. (Leave)
  • (Leave)


Contact Introduced By

Contact Introduces

Level 4-9



Fire Wire is one of the many villains who inhabit Mercy Island. Fire Wire tends to boast and brag about most of his accomplishments, earning him the ire of any competing villains. However, he seems to have some semblance of bite behind his bark, or else he wouldn't still be alive today.

Prior to Introduction

Yo, bugger off, I ain't got time for this, I got big PLANS in the making!

Initial Contact

What's up? Name's Fire Wire. I'm the best lookin', best talkin', best fire usin' guy this side of Mercy.

I heard you're tougher than tough. That's the kinda person I need on this job I'm plannin'. This thing is gonna be big Character. We're talkin' lots of money big.

The plan is sorta complex, but it's gonna net us a ton of cash when it comes through. What do you say? You ready for some wild times?

  • ... Sure. What's this plan that you have?


  • I'm the wire to the fire, the Fire Wire!
  • Things are about to get crazy!

Too Busy

Missing Too Busy Dialogue

No More Missions

If you let Fire Wire live:

  • Hey so, uh, thanks for the whole not killing me thing and all. I swear, I ain't gonna backstab ya again. That's all behind me!


Story Arc

Fire and Heist

E ICON MeritToken.png Merit Rewards: This activity awards 2 Reward Merits.


Bags of Money

You tossed all the money you stole from the Mercy Island bank into several bags before making your getaway. While you admire the huge amount of cash now in your possession, you remember how you came to acquire of all this money, in a heist you call...

Fire and Heist

You struck a deal with a rogue named Fire Wire. He had a plan to rob the Mercy Island bank, but he needed help in doing so. You and he agreed to split the money down the middle once the job was done. Fire Wire took care of running surveillance on the area while you found documents regarding the upgraded security system. It seemed like the RIP were intent on keeping the bank well guarded from any villains who might try to make a name for themselves.

Fire Wire explained the next part of his plan; you would distract the RIP, while he input various viruses into their network to weaken their security systems. It was during this time you met a man named Matthew Burke, who revealed what Fire Wire's true goal was; he wanted to catch you in the act of robbing the bank and earn some points with Arachnos. This was confirmed when you snuck into an Arachnos office disguised as a soldier and received orders to bring yourself in if Fire Wire was correct. You decided this wasn't exactly what you wanted and rescued several Skulls from the RIP, making them promise to come help you in the bank heist.

Fire Wire, not knowing that his twist was going to be ruined, told you that he would meet you in the bank once you made your way through. Once you recovered the loot in the destroyed bank, Fire Wire did indeed arrive, but with a cadre of Arachnos. However, before he knew what was happening, a large gang of Skulls descended upon Fire Wire and his Arachnos goons. You dealt with Fire Wire as you saw fit. Afterwards, you received a message from a man named Harris, who was interested in speaking with you about yet another business opportunity. Whether or not this would end with yet another betrayal is yet to be seen...

Part One: Getting what's Owed


So, check it out. There's this bank in Mercy, yeah? Used to get robbed all the time, but now the RIP have got it on super secure lockdown.

Word is that they're storing a bunch of stuff there now. Money, artifacts, the works! They figure no one is gonna try to rob the place now, but you and me are gonna be the ones who rob that place blind!

You and me are gonna be workin' on two different parts each time. Your first part is gonna be real easy, I swear.

  • What's it supposed to be?

I got some inside info from a guy who is a guard there. I told him I'd split some of the cash with him, but I'm just gonna light him on fire in the end. Nice, huh?

Anyway, he left the detailed info inside a statue here in Mercy. You gotta be the one to get it and check it out. Meantime, I'm gonna go run some surveillance on the place, check out the times when the security switches up.

That'll be the time that you and me make our move! Let's meet back up when we both got what we need, you dig?

Retrieve the Snitch's Information

Unnecessary Solicitation

Yo, you gotta focus! We both got our jobs to do, you know?

Mission Objective(s)

  • Retrieve the Snitch's Information
    • Find the Snitch's note inside of a statue

You found the information that the snitch left!

Icon clue generic.png
Security Information
You find a note with a number of details regarding security within the bank, all given by the snitch Fire Wire talked about. The security is impressive, to say the least.

All the guards are armed with sub-machine guns, each holding rounds that could pierce through a wall of concrete. There are also turrets set up on the walls, ready to deploy in case of an attack.

The guard left one last note, 'They're upgrading the system soon, a bunch of higher ups were given documents detailing the upgrade. You can find usually find them in the parts of Mercy here. Get those documents and you can easily hack into the upgrade.'

Find the upgrade documents off of RIP Officials

Mission Objective(s)

  • Find the upgrade documents off of RIP Officials
    • 3 RIP documents to find

You found the documents detailing the upgrade of the security system!


V badge RIP.png Rogue Island Police


Everything go cool on your end? Eh? Nice! This is exactly what we're gonna need.

I checked out when they're switchin' guards up. Looks like they're the weakest around the middle of the afternoon. That's when they got guys switching guard posts and when they got some tech guy comin' in to make sure the security system hasn't been hacked or anything.

They're keeping security here real tight, but I think you and me got ourselves an in with this upgrade they're doing. Them documents you found are gonna be the key to this whole thing!

Part Two: All Good Bank Robbers have a Plan B


Alright, so here's the skinny on what we gotta do next, Character.

That upgrade looks like it's goin' on in about thirty minutes or so. I'm gonna see about hookin' up to one of their networks to slip one of my nasty viruses in there.

That'll at least solve the issue with those nasty turrets going on. I'm gonna need ya to do two things for me while I'm takin' out the turrets.

  • This had better be worth it, Fire Wire. What is it?

It's gonna be so worth it, Character. I need ya to run some interference for me, take out some cops so they're not noticin' me hackin' into the system.

Then, I'm gonna need ya to book it real fast to an office buildin' near here. The RIP are usin' it as one of their storage facilities. We gotta get ourselves a detailed list of what exactly is in that vault.

You really gotta book it though, 'cause accordin' to my sources, they're planning on moving all that info later on today!

Run Interference for Fire Wire

Unnecessary Solicitation

You gotta give me some more time, Character!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Run Interference for Fire Wire
    • Defeat 10 Rogue Island Police

That should be enough to help Fire Wire out. Now to get to the office building that he mentioned.


V badge RIP.png Rogue Island Police

Access the RIP's Office Building

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm in the network now, and the RIP don't even know it!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Access the RIP's Office Building

Speak with the odd man outside the building

Unnecessary Solicitation

No time to talk now, Character, I'm blazing trails here on the internet!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Speak with the odd man outside the building.


Character. Name's Matthew Burke, and I'm here to give you a heads up.

The guy you're working with, Fire Wire? He's planning on betraying you. This office building has been vacant for weeks.

I've seen his transmissions. He's planning on setting everything up so that it looks like you tried to rob the bank alone. He then plans on showing up with Arachnos to bring you in and earn some major 'points' with them.

  • I don't even know you. How should I trust what you're saying?

If you knew me, you'd know that I'm not one to let Arachnos take in any more people. But you don't, and that's fine.

Here's an Arachnos disguise. He's been talking to one Operative Liola about this.

If you want to see this for yourself, go talk to him with this disguise on. He'll think you're one of the soldiers assigned to handle this.

  • We'll see what I find, Burke.

EdLetter.png Editor's Note:

Arachnos Soldiers and Widows receive the following briefing.


Character. Name's Matthew Burke, and I'm here to give you a heads up.

The guy you're working with, Fire Wire? He's planning on betraying you. This office building has been vacant for weeks.

I've seen his transmissions. He's planning on setting everything up so that it looks like you tried to rob the bank alone. He then plans on showing up with Arachnos to bring you in and earn some major 'points' with them.

  • I belong to Arachnos. Does he really think he can get away with this?

Maybe. I normally wouldn't associate with Arachnos, but the fact that you're trying to rob a bank shows that you might be thinking outside of the box.

You might've heard of Operative Liola. You'll want to go in there with this disguise and ask him about the reports from Fire Wire.

Your normal Arachnos uniform won't cut it.

  • We'll see what exactly is going on, then.

See what Operative Liola knows

Unnecessary Solicitation

I got a lot to do here, Character! No time!

Mission Objective(s)

  • See what Operative Liola knows.

Contact Small Operative Liola.jpg
Operative Liola


You're late, soldier. Do it again and you'll find yourself sent to Warburg, and trust me, you do not want to go there.

We've received word from the villain Fire Wire that Character is planning on robbing the bank in Mercy. The RIP most likely will not be able to stop her.

Fire Wire will give us the signal when he has Character cornered, and then we will arrive to bring her in. We cannot have that vault robbed at any cost. Understood?

  • Loud and clear!

Speak once more with Matthew Burke

Unnecessary Solicitation

Sup Character? I'm almost done here. You ever find the stuff in that office?


I assume you see now that Fire Wire intends to betray you.

What are you planning on doing now?

  • Backstabbing him, of course. And I'll need some backup. Tell me what you know.

I know that the Skulls in Mercy City are constantly being hounded by the RIP, and that there's a big crackdown on them going on right nearby.

They're not the best at long-term loyalties, but if you were to rescue a few of them, I'm sure you could strike up a deal for them to get your back during the robbery.

I'd just make sure to get a bunch of them on your side. Those Arachnos toadies are powerful, but sheer numbers will put them down.

  • I'll do just that.

Gain the Support of the Skulls

Unnecessary Solicitation

Come on man! Time is just going away here on this opportunity!

Mission Objective(s)

  • Gain the Support of the Skulls
    • 0 out of 5 Skulls rescued

You rescued the Skulls and earned their backup for the robbery!

Icon clue generic.png
Word of a Skull
You rescued several Skulls from the clutches of the RIP. You explained the situation to them and had several of them swear to show up to get your back during the robbery.

Fire Wire and his Arachnos goons won't know what hit them.


How'd things go on your end, Character? Wha? The office was empty? Man! That's too bad, but hey, on the bright side, you'll be in for a big surprise when you get into the vault!

I've got almost everything set up on my end. All that's left is making the big move on the the bank itself. You ready to make some big cash, Character?

Finale: The Ballad of Fire Wire


Okay, so here's the big plan, Character.

I'm gonna trigger the virus I put into their systems. It's gonna cause their turrets to explode. It's gonna cause a mess in the main lobby and take out the majority of the RIP guards.

That's when you make your way in to take out any of the remaining guards, and then break into the vault.

I'm gonna buy you some time by disconnecting their security systems, then I'll head over to the bank to give you some backup. You got any questions?

  • I'm assuming you'll help drag all of the loot out, right?

Oh? Of course!

You and me, we're gonna get everything outta there together. If we go fast enough, we can get everything outta there before any extra security backup arrives.

Plus, since the security cameras are gonna be disabled, they ain't gonna know it was us who robbed the place! Win win scenario, huh?

Rob the Mercy City Bank

Unnecessary Solicitation

I'm doing everything I can from here,Character! You gotta take care of things on your end!

Mission Objective(s)


Smoke fills the Mercy City bank. It seems Fire Wire was at least telling the truth about blowing up the turrets.

  • Rob the Mercy City Bank
    • 3 RIP patrols to defeat
    • Break down the Vault Door
    • Break into the safe
    • Wait for it...
    • Put down Fire Wire
    • Speak with Fire Wire

You robbed the bank for all it's worth and received an odd message!


V badge RIP.png Rogue Island Police
V badge ArachnosBadge.png Arachnos

Notable NPCs

  • Fire Wire
V archetypeicon stalker.png Ambush! After the player steals the loot, Fire Wire and a squad of Arachnos will attempt to ambush the player.
Contact Small Fire Wire.jpg
Fire Wire


H-hey, just hold on, OK? I was just... just kiddin' around! H-hahaha! We're gonna beat Arachnos and take the loot for ourselves, right?

Okay... okay, I messed up. Okay! There, I said it! Just... come on man / lady, just let me go!

I'll leave you alone, you can get all the money, too!

  • Not today, Fire Wire (Kill Fire Wire)
You kill Fire Wire, ensuring he pays the ultimate price for trying to cross you!
I just wanted... to get ahead...
  • (Leave)
  • You're not worth killing, Fire Wire.
Y-yeah?! You won't regret this, Character. I ain't gonna cross you again, I swear!
I ain't gonna forget this, promise!
You better not forget this, Fire Wire.

Icon clue generic.png
Incoming Message
After robbing the bank for all it was worth, you received a mysterious message from a man named Harris.

'Character, my name is Harris. I would like to speak with you regarding a... business opportunity. I've put my coordinates in this message. Please come meet me at your earliest convenience.'

Take the Arachnos transport down to Darwin's Landing

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must move forward and seek out a new opportuntiy with Harris.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take the Arachnos transport down to Darwin's Landing
    • Use the Arachnos elevators to reach Darwin's Landing

Meet with Lt. Harris

Unnecessary Solicitation

You must move forward and seek out a new opportuntiy with Harris.


Character, good to see you. My name is Bill Harris. I am a lieutenant in Longbow.

Don't be alarmed. I'm not here to bring you in. I'm here to ask for your help in bringing Longbow down.

I heard all about your escapades with Fire Wire and robbing the Mercy bank. I believe you and I, working together, could bring Longbow down.

  • First a scumbag wants me to trust him, and now a Longbow says he's on my side? Go on.

I'm out for revenge, Character, plain and simple.

I was wronged by a woman named Linda Page, a fellow lieutenant. I was made a fool, Character, mocked by all in Longbow!

Everything I worked for was destroyed by that woman, and I intend to make her and everyone pay. I imagine that having Longbow out of the way will help you as well, so I propose that you and I work together. What do you say?

  • Alright Harris, I'm in. You better not pull anything.