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Dr. Achilles Theron is a scientist who appears as a Lesser Devoured during the Storyarc "An Unnatural Order" from either Eliza Thorpe or Lorenzo Tate.

Though he first appeared in City of Heroes, there is mention of Dr. Theron in City of Villains during one of Diviner Maros' missions, where he was creating powerful weaponry for Longbow under the impression that with powerful weapons, war could be averted.

Due to the efforts of Diviner Maros and an unknown villain, the weaponry made their way to Sky Raiders who promptly brought ruin and massive loss of life to a city in West Libertalia. Dr. Theron was never the same afterwards and soon became disgusted with humanity and society as can be seen in the following mission clue from the "An Unnatural Order" Storyarc:

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Dr. Theron's journal
After reading a few entries from this tattered journal, you can feel Dr. Theron's growing disgust with humanity and society. In the latter half of the book, there are vague references to meetings with the 'New ones.' The last few entries deal with Dr. Theron's growing desire to help his new friends, and perhaps even become one of them. As he puts it:

'To leave this sickening species behind me and be reborn in the biological crucible of the Hamidon. To shed my old flesh and live forever as part of a new ecology. To join myself, body and soul, with the Devouring Earth! How I long for that day!'

During capture by the Devouring Earth, he tricked his partner, Professor Lovelethe, into helping him make Will of the Earth, but revealed he was in cahoots with them, and soon, became part of the Devouring Earth.