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Dillo (KR).jpg

Dillo is an NPC you visit during the story arc from Twinshot. He is located in Chiron Medical Center of Atlas Park at coordinates (-104, -174, -1681). He can also be found in the High Park neighborhood of Kings Row at coordinates (109, -26, -2998).

Heroes can find him:

  • In multiple missions in Twinshot's ongoing training story arcs, as a lieutenant or boss and an ally (Levels 5-19)



One of the Maaxigada'arzildilo, aliens from a distant solar system , "Dillo" has traveled to Earth to warn the Humans of the impending threat of the Shivans. Dillo's homeworld was destroyed centuries ago by a devastating assault by the Shivans leaving him and his people as space-faring nomads. Upon finding radio waves sent from Earth, Dillo's people have sent him as a scout to warn the humans of dangers of Shivans or to return with sad news of another race of lifeforms annihilated by these unstoppable devastators. Having arrived just as the invasion began, Dillo chose to stay and help the earthlings fight off the menace instead of potentially luring them back to his own people.

Dillo is a member of The Shining Stars.