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Blue Spectrum is a hero present in Galaxy City. Having been injured by the meteors, new players are given the choice to aid him, draining their powers, or kill him, boosting their own.


Blue Spectrum has no in-game character description.


Blue Spectrum is able to absorb the power from others and use it to power his own energies.

Choosing to become a Hero and donating powers to Blue Spectrum bestows the following debuff:

Temporary PVP DebuffDamage.png Powers Absorbed -Health Regeneration
Your Health Regeneration is lowered for 3 minutes for helping the Blue Spectrum!

Choosing to become a Villain and stealing Blue Spectrum's powers grants the following buff:

Temporary PVP DebuffDamage.png Blue Spectrum's Powers +10% Damage
Absorbing Blue Spectrum's power will increase your damage by 10% for 5 minutes!