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The Circle of Thorns believe that mystical energy emanates from this moss covered rock, energy that draws various unscrupulous practitioners of the dark arts to this isolated corner of Perez Park. Whether it contributes to their magical rites is a matter of debate, as M.A.G.I. has conducted surveys that have found no evidence of any such energy. S.E.R.A.P.H., however, has detected trace amounts of exotic particles streaming from the stone, coinciding with other stellar phenomena.


The Blood Moss badge is 171 yards NNE of the Perez Park marker on the map. This can be tricky to find since it's hidden in the trees, but there's a clearing 194 yards north and a little to the west of the Perez Park marker. Drop into this clearing from above, then take the path to the east to reach the badge.

Its coordinates are (-2030, -26, 1116).

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