Barrier Radial Epiphany

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File:Incarnate Destiny Barrier VeryRare.png


Barrier Radial Epiphany is one of the abilities that can be used with the Destiny Slot, part of the Incarnate System. This ability is Rare.


90 sec. Defense and Resistance buff against all types of damage for all allies in a 60 feet PBAoE radius. Two fallen ally may also be revived within the radius of the power.

This power also applies a Incarnate Shift.

How to Get

Barrier Radial Epiphany is created with the following Incarnate Components:

Any pair of:

-- and --

Salvage detailed report.png 1 Detailed Reports
Salvage GenomicAnalysis.png 1 Genomic Analysis
Salvage living relic.png 1 Living Relic

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