Bad Penny

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Bad Penny


Bad Penny belongs to the Rogue Isles Villains.

Heroes may face him:

Villains may find him:


When a Circle of Thorns ritual in Perez Park accidentally enchanted a long forgotten coin, Bad Penny was born. His mean disposition came from many years trapped in coin jars, change trays, and the fact that he could no longer be used to even purchase a gumball.


During the mission Agree to form a task force in the Dr. Kahn Task Force, as part of a hired team of villains attacking the City Hall:

Before combat: +++ Missing Information +++
Combat start: needs data
At 75% Life: "A penny saved is me."
At 50% Life: "In for a penny, in for a pound!"
At 25% Life: "You'll never stop us, Character."
Defeated: "Hey! Don't take this personally; we were just hired to do a job."
After defeating a player: needs data

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