Arbiter (Siren's Call)

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Siren's Call Arbiter

Arbiter (Siren's Call) is an NPC in Siren's Call. He is not a contact. His coordinates are (-1171, -152, 1785).

When clicked on he will deliver the following briefing.


Siren's Call is going to be ours. We're sending in teams Arachnos ops to control key locations. You want to make a name for yourself? Keep an eye on your map. We'll show you these attacks as they happen. Help the Arachnos agents defeat Longbow. Keep our side alive and take down as many of them as you can.

Don't worry, there are rewards. First off, we got a Villain Merchant here who can sell you useful temporary powers-- but only if our side controls Siren's Call so we can hijack shipments from Paragon city. If we don't control the zone all that gear goes straight to the heroes. Think about that.

Second, Lord Recluse is offering a bounty for winning these battles and defeating player heroes. We've even assigned you a personal contract worth extra bounty. Rack up your bounty and then check back with me to collect special rewards. Come back with a little, you get small time stuff. Come back with a lot and it will be worth your time.

Remember, it's us against them - villains vs. heroes. You will work together and like it!