Wilson Zucco

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Wilson Zucco
Former Gang Member
Zone Steel Canyon
Coordinates (-3590.5, 0, 2092)
Level Range 9-14
Introduced By == Level 5-9 ==
Ron Hughes
Juan Jimenez
Linda Summers
== Level 10-14 ==
Carla Brunelli
Tristan Caine
Athena Currie
Everett Daniels
Lorenzo DiCosta
Jill Pastor
Kyle Peck
Haley Philips
Hugo Redding
Wes Schnabel
Dr. Trevor Seaborn
Willy Starbuck
Introduces == Level 10-14 ==
Carla Brunelli
Tristan Caine
Athena Currie
Everett Daniels
Lorenzo DiCosta
Jill Pastor
Kyle Peck
Haley Philips
Hugo Redding
Wes Schnabel
Dr. Trevor Seaborn
Willy Starbuck
== Level 15-19 ==
Olivia Chung
Dr. Ann-Marie Engles
Pavel Garnier
Juliana Nehring
Enemy Groups

Badge villain lost.png The Lost

Badge villain skulls.png Skulls
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Wilson Zucco is a hero contact in the Bronze Way neighborhood of Steel Canyon at coordinates (-3590.5, 0, 2092). Wilson Zucco is a Mutation origin contact. His level range is 9-14.


Contact Introduced By

Level 5-9

Level 10-14

New Contact(s)

Level 10-14

Missing text

There's a gun dealer named Carla Brunelli who would like to meet you. She's a very responsible, proactive woman who's helped a number of heroes in her time. She is deeply troubled by the Clockwork. Their presence in Skyway City means that she can usually be found there.

Carla is tough but fair.

I'd like you to go and talk to my friend Tristan Caine. He's an environmental activist who keeps a close eye on everything that might impact the city's welfare, including criminals. He might have some good tips for you on the Vahzilok. Tristan has a lot of political connections, so he keeps near the city's center in Skyway City.

There's a talented young lawyer named Athena Currie who you should talk to. She's a big community activist and has had some serious run-ins with the Clockwork. Miss Currie practices law in Steel Canyon.

Athena can really use the help of a hero like you.

I know a lawyer, Everett Daniels, who's a pretty good guy. He goes after the big corporations and even the government sometimes, but he's usually on the right side of things. He's always got a lead on the Clockwork. Mr. Daniels' practice is in Skyway City.

Everett will get you into the thick of things.

I know a confidential informant named Lorenzo DiCosta. He can provide you with some solid leads on current Council activity. Lorenzo can be found on the streets of Skyway City.

Lorenzo is well placed to provide information; please don't judge him too harshly, Character.

I suggest you see if Jill Pastor from the FCC has anything for you. She's always looking for heroes to help her out with the Vahzilok. Jill's offices are in Skyway City.

Jill is very serious about catching the bad guys and is willing to give valuable info to any hero who can get the job done.

There's an EPA investigator named Kyle Peck who's known for working well with heroes. I'm sure he'd be happy to help you out as well, and, more importantly, I think you could help him against the Vahzilok. Kyle's connections keep him in Steel Canyon most of the time.

Kyle is fiercely dedicated. As long as you show commitment to helping Paragon City, you will have a strong ally.

You should talk to Haley Philips over at the Health Department. She specializes in identifying and dealing with health threats posed by the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns. She's always looking for more help from the city's heroes. She can be found in Skyway City.

Haley has very strong beliefs about safety.

You might want to go see Hugo Redding, a physician's assistant who specializes in taking care of heroes. He also moonlights as a reporter for a medical website, so he's always hearing interesting tidbits about the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns. Hugo hangs out in Steel Canyon.

Hugo is keyed into the latest medical practices.

I know a private eye named Wes Schnabel who wants to talk to you about the Council. He's always looking for new contacts and good heroes to work with. He usually takes cases in Steel Canyon.

Schnabel is a good, old-fashioned gumshoe.

Dr. Trevor Seaborn expressed an interest in meeting you when I told him about your good work. He's a psychiatrist specializing in criminal behavior, and an expert on the Hellions and the Circle of Thorns. Dr. Seaborn is in Steel Canyon.

Trevor has a brilliant mind, and his insights on criminal behavior are invaluable.

You ever meet Willy Starbuck? He's a small time hustler, but he knows a lot about the Council, and he's willing to talk. You should stop by and introduce yourself. Willy grifts over in Steel Canyon.

Willy has the kind of mind that can lead you right to the heart of trouble.

Level 15-19

Missing text

Did you ever see that weekly paper, the Asian Paragon? Well, its publisher, Olivia Chung, is a great woman. She knows all about what's going on in the immigrant community and has helped more than one hero sort out a jam involving the Vahzilok or the Outcasts. Olivia has her offices in Steel Canyon.

You won't meet many people as good-hearted as Olivia.

Dr. Ann-Marie Engles is a real expert in the field of cybernetics. She is fascinated with the technical aspect of the Vahzilok and the social impact of the Outcasts. Dr. Engles has set up shop in Skyway City.

You'll learn a lot from Dr. Engles; she's always happy to lend heroes a hand.

Agent Pavel Garnier from the FBI asked me to send you to him. He thinks you could help him with some of his cases involving the Vahzilok and the Outcasts. Pavel is currently looking into something in Skyway City.

A positive connection with the FBI is a very good thing to have.

Have you ever read Juliana Nehring's column? She's an Internet reporter who specializes in super-powered villains. She's always looking for new sources to help her investigate the latest Vahzilok and Outcast activities. Juliana files her stories in Skyway City.

Juliana is tough as nails and is willing to do whatever it takes to get a story.


Former Gang Member

Most old gangsters are either dead or in prison, but Wilson Zucco is one of the lucky few who survived and managed to turn his life around. Now he works as a youth outreach administrator, teaching kids about gang awareness and sometimes acting as a liaison between law enforcement and the gangs. He's liked and admired by both sides of the law, which gives him access to an unusual mix of information. Wilson is happy to work with heroes, especially since they can handle gangs in ways the police can't.

Prior to Introduction

Sorry, I'm crazy busy right now. Seen Active Contact recently? Maybe you should.

Initial Contact

The Skulls are pulling a lot of good kids into a bad situation. I want you to help me stop that.


  • I've heard a lot of crazy stuff from the kids today.
  • We got problems, serious problems.

Too Busy

You've got too much to do as it is, Character.

Too Low Level

Come see me when you reach Security Level 10 / 14. I just might have a job for you.

No More Missions

I have the gang situation in hand, Character, but I'm sure one of your other contacts can really use your help.


You're doin' a good job, Character. The kids tipped me off to a stash of powerful Enhancements. In your hands, I know they'll do some good. If there's some way I can help you, call.

You got your head, and your heart, in the right places, Character. Don't ask me how I got my hands on the new Enhancements in my store. Just take them, and use them well.

  • Level 15 Mutation/Science Dual Origin Enhancements (150% base costs)


Template:Mission Common Investigate Peterson Waste Management and stop any Skull plot you discover Template:Mission Common Confiscate the drugs Template:Mission Intro Talk to the Skyway City Security Chief

Missions (Level 10+)

Template:Mission Common Hit the streets and defeat a few Lost (Level 10-14) Template:Mission Common Go to Kings Row and show the Skulls they can't pick on Paragon City's businessmen Template:Mission Common Go to Kings Row and put an end to the Lost assaults Template:Mission Common Investigate the warehouse

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