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Mayhem Missions are missions that villains may undertake in which there is a primary mission assigned with a short time limit and numerous secondary missions assigned that grant additional time and various bonuses. Secondary missions include destroying equipment and items in the zone and side missions unlocked by defeating certain enemies within the zone. In addition, each mayhem mission zone contains an exploration badge marker.

Mayhem Missions are obtained from brokers.

Detailed Description

When a character has a mayhem mission available, he or she will receive the following note:

This is a Mayhem Mission. You can earn extra time by destroying property and creating diversions away from the bank itself.

Each type of item rewards a single time bonus after you destroy a certain number of that item. For each person on your team, you will need to destroy more of that particular item to get the time bonus.

Random side missions can be found on the map. Keys (found by defeating certain enemies) are needed to unlock these side missions. Each completed side mission also rewards a time bonus.

Every character that is at least a minimum level receives a special temporary power the first time they successfully complete this mission.

Mission Parameters

Mayhem missions are assigned based on the level of the character as follows:

  • 5 - 9 : Atlas Park
  • 10 - 14 : King's Row
  • 15 - 19 : Skyway City
  • 20 - 24 : Steel Canyon
  • 25 - 29 : Independence Port
  • 30 - 34 : Talos Island
  • 35 - 39 : Brickstown
  • 40 - 44 : Founders' Falls
  • 45 - 50 : Peregrine Island

Note that at levels divisible by 5 (10, 15, 20, etc.) it appears to be possible to get either of two different missions for the ranges above or below the current level. Which of the two is offered each time you visit a broker appears to be randomly selected.


You gain bonus time for destroying objects. Once you destroy the requisite number of objects of a given type, you gain bonus time, but you will not gain any additional bonus time for destroying more of them. In addition, you will not gain bonus time from destroying objects after a successful bank heist (though you will still get time for completing side missions and resisting arrest). Keep in mind that some objects won't be worth destroying at the lower levels; for example, it may take you longer than one minute to destroy a PPD Swat Van.

ObjectLevelHit Points# Required
Bus Stop87011:00none
Cardboard Box (inc.
Large Cardboard Box)
Fire Hydrant54511:00none
Large Metal Crate1526511:00none
News Vendor32011:00none
Parking Meter32051:00none
Pay Phone32011:00none
PPD Car1019511:00medium
PPD Swat Van1526511:00large
Trash Can52051:00none

Secondary Missions

The following are secondary missions that may be completed within a Mayhem Mission:

</td><td>Kidnap a person and bring them to the exit from the main zone map.</td>

<tr><td>Raid</td><td align="right">6:00</td></td><td>Raid a base of a villain group, possibly acquiring a Temporary Power</td></tr> <tr><td>Smash and Grab</td><td align="right">Safes - 5:00
Vault - 6:00</td></td><td>Raid safes and/or vaults for valuables, while avoiding security spotlights.</td></tr> <tr><td>Break Out</td><td align="right">3:00</td></td><td>Break another villain out of jail to assist you.</td></tr> <tr><td>Arson</td><td align="right">4:00</td></td><td>Set a building on fire.</td></tr> </table>

It is random which secondary missions are spawned for each Mayhem Mission. Low level Mayhem Missions generally only have one or two active secondary missions, while higher level Mayhem Missions have more.

Secondary missions are unlocked by defeating groups of non-police, non-Longbow enemies in the missions. Clockwork in Atlas, Freaks in Talos, etc. Defeating the entire group of one of these enemies will give a key that unlocks the secondary mission.

Additional Time

Various diversions will add time to the Mayhem Mission. Destroying items, fighting PPD and Longbow, and completing side missions. For items, the number of each item required for the extra time is based on the number of players in the mission. Side mission time bonus are awarded simply for completing the side mission. The amount of time earned for each of these is listed in the previous sections. In addition, 0:30 is earned for each group of PPD defeated, and for each Longbow ambush triggered.

Temp powers

The first time you complete each different Mayhem Mission, and are at least the minimum level for that that mission, you are awarded a temporary power. These include:

  • Atlas - Jetpack (Flight) Two hours of use.
  • King's Row - Jump Pack (Super Jump) Two hours of use
  • Skyway City - Resuscitation Self Rez power. Once per hour, lasts for two days of in-game play.
  • Steel Canyon - Group TP power, lasts for three days of in-game play.
  • Independence Port - Increased movement, lasts for three days of in-game play.
  • Talos Island - +5 END, lasts for three days of in-game play.
  • Brickstown - Health Increase
  • Founders' Falls - Debt protection
  • Peregrine Island - Regeneration increase

Also, there are temporary powers awarded from the raid side mission. These powers are awarded to the person who clicks the objective in the side mission, and are random which power is awarded. There are a wide variety of different powers available.


MissionBonus TimeDescription
V badge TourismBadge.png Global Threat

You've struck at Atlas Park, the very heart of Paragon City, proving nowhere is safe from villany!

V badge TourismBadge.png King Maker

This is the spot in Kings Row of a famous bloodbath where the Marcone made a vicious power play against the Verandi.

V badge TourismBadge.png Road Raged

Hair pin risers like this road in Skyway City can incite rage even in pedestrians.

V badge TourismBadge.png Steel Worker

Not even the hardened metal made in these factories of Steel Canyon can protect the city from you.

V badge TourismBadge.png Tyrannical

It isn't uncommon to see the Family taking associates for a walk with cement shoes at this beach in Independence Port

V badge TourismBadge.png Talon of Talos

Back alleys in Talos Island like this one are perfect for waiting in ambush.

V badge TourismBadge.png Brickhouse

You have discovered an underground safe in Brickstown kept right under the noses of the PPD.

V badge TourismBadge.png Anarchist

It is here that the Devouring Earth nearly set off a biological bomb to infect the citizens of Founders' Falls.

V badge TourismBadge.png Gate Crasher

Even this gateway to Portal Corps in Peregrine Island couldn't keep you out with the help of the Arachnos Flyer.

V badge MayhemInvader.png Invader

No corner of Paragon City is safe from your destruction!

V badge MayhemImpounder.png Impounder

You've done your part to help keep Paragon City's streets clear of traffic.

V badge MayhemOutlaw.png Outlaw

The Paragon Police Department can't come close to keeping you behind bars.

V badge MayhemSafeCracker.png Safe Cracker

No vault can keep its treasures safe from your brutal onslaught.

V badge MayhemVandal.png Vandal

You've taken your rage out on everything not nailed down in Paragon City.

V badge MayhemHeroSlayer.png Hero Slayer

Not even the best of the best can stop you!

V badge MayhemFireBug.png Fire Bug

You have set Paragon City ablaze!

V badge MayhemForceOfNature.png Force of Nature

You've Paragon City felt your wrath; you are a true Force of Nature!

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