Inherent Powers

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Inherent powers are permanent powers that a hero or villain automatically has without having to train to obtain. The two main types of inherent powers are powers that are specific to an archetype and powers that all heroes have.

Archetype-Specific Powers

The following are inherent powers are specific to the archetypes available in City of Heroes and City of Villains.

InherentPeacebringer InterSpacialLink.png Vigilance

The Defender primary focus is to protect the team. When his allies are in danger, the Defender is able to look deep within him or herself and rise to the occasion. As a Defender's teammates are in danger of being defeated, the Defender gains an endurance discount and can activate their powers at a reduced cost. The more teammates in trouble, the greater the discount.

Type:           Archetype-Specific (Defenders)
Effects:        Endurance Discount

Universal Inherent Powers

Inherent Brawl.png Brawl

When all else fails, you have only your two fists to depend on.

Damage:         Minor
Recharge:       Fast

Effects:        Foe Minor Smashing Damage

Enhancements:   Reduce Endurance Cost
                Enhance Recharge Speed
                Enhance Damage
                Enhance Accuracy