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Standard Types

All Power Sets used in the game (outside of EATs) can be classified as one of the following types. Each serves a unique combat function.

Icon Type Example Power Sets Notes
Power Set Icon-Assault.png Assault Thorny Assault, Martial Assault, Psionic Assault Just a modified version of the Dom's lightning bolt symbol.
Power Set Icon-Control.png Control Gravity Control, Plant Control, Illusion Control I kept the lines of "control" to help fill up the "pink space" of the icon, but integrated the chains from the playstyle logo instead of the symbol for Hold, since Control is about way more than just holds.
Power Set Icon-Support.png Support Empathy, Thermal Radiation, Poison This icon integrates the playstyle logo, as well as the + representing the buff aspect of support.
Power Set Icon-Summon.png Summon Robotics, Necromancy, Demon Summoning I added the eyes overlooking the minions to somewhat move away from it being a clone of the MM AT symbol, despite the fact that they are the only AT to get these sets. I think it works a bit better, the weird silhouette didn't look that great anyway in the larger size. Also, I decided that I do like the term "Summon" more.
Power Set Icon-Ranged.png Ranged Dmg. Fire Blast, Dual Pistols, Sonic Attack Pretty much just a straight up port of the playstyle logo again. One of the few I left totally unchanged from the last version.
Power Set Icon-Manipulation.png Manip. Fire Manipulation, Devices, Darkness Manipulation A somewhat modified version of the Build Up power icon, which all but one of the sets has as a defining power. The Blaster AT symbol as been worked in instead of the Dmg glyph.
Power Set Icon-Armor.png Armor Fiery Aura, Invulnerability, Shield Defense This one was a bit trickier for the re-design. Originally it emphasized the ResDMG icon, but I think using the shield to represent armor, and the star from the playstyle icon works alright. As for the name, I think Armor de-emphasizes the defensive aspect.
Power Set Icon-Melee.png Melee Dmg. Street Justice, Staff Fighting, Ice Melee I decided to leave this one unchanged, despite criticism. One, it already used the playstyle logo for melee, and two, it uses the Scrapper colors, and the Brute AT symbol. Plus, how much more iconic of melee-ranged damage can you get than a fist?

For Fun, Etc.

These were created just for fun, or to serve a utility function. The powers they represent belong to far broader categories.

Power Set Icon-Epic.png Epic ATs Kheldians & Soldiers of Arachnos An icon that serves little purpose, but I thought it'd be fun to make anyway.
Power Set Icon-Freem.png "Standard" Sets Ummm, most of 'em? A big ol' flash in the background a Freem across it. Pretty simple.
Power Set Icon-WIP.png Unimplemented Sets Wind Control, Savage Melee, Psionic Melee It features a nice array of question marks, and a set of gears overlayed on the icon background to indicate the WIP nature of the sets when the game was shut down. I like it quite a bit.