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This heavily fortified gate leads into the Council base, but in truth it is a trap: a tantalizing lure devised to lure in the overconfident and unwary. It used to work well against novice heroes and the more foolhardy among the Warriors, but since the Banished Pantheon arrived to dominate the field outside the Maw, its effectiveness has been blunted. The Council has attempted to close the entryway but each time they do some mystical force prevents it. Time and again they have attempted to seal it off and each time the door has found a way to open. Since then, the Council have doubled the guard and sealed off any exits just inside the door. Council researchers believe the Banished Pantheon has employed a Hand of Glory to keep the entrance open.


The Wolf's Maw badge is located 212 yards east of the Wolf's Throat marker, in the middle of the gated entrance to the Council base.

Its coordinates are (-3840.0, 0.5, -1971.0).

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