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(sigh) It's a start... I'll be updating this page heavily over the next few weeks. --TonyV

Rikti Crash Site

OK, I might buy that

a) the Rikti Crash Site map is still in the resource files for game but there's no way short of a bug to get to the zone, and thus, no realistic way to get the Ace badge from the Rikti Crash Site
b) the Ace Badge marker was placed somewhere in the Rikti War Zone and we haven't recorded it in the War Zone info yet

Since the Rikti Crash Site doesn't officially exist any more, it makes very little sense to me to leave the Rikti Crash Site badge locations in there like they're still badges any player can reach.

Since I didn't see Ace listed in the Rikti War Zone badges, I moved the section and marked it as "historical" instead of deleting it so that anyone wondering how the level 50 over yonder got an exploration badge that they can't find.

If Ace is available in the War Zone, I would think the Rikti Crash Site info should be outright removed.

Either way, listing the Ace badge along with all of the other exploration badges we can still get to is misleading.

--Eabrace 20:14, 25 July 2007 (EDT)

This article should include a picture of an example Exploration marker for reference. - Frankie (sorry)

o.o last comment (ie, one above this) was left by Frankie at 15:08, 21 September 2007. Said user will from now on leave their name on talk pages or suffer a pillow fight. =^^= additionally, the ACE badge is still where its always been, on the statues hand. --Sleepy Kitty 15:39, 21 September 2007 (EDT)
Not a bad idea to put a sample marker image in the article. Good thing I captured one for the Players' Guide. (On a side note, my point above wasn't so much that we shouldn't be listing the Ace badge as it was that we shouldn't have been listing it in the Crash Site since we can only reach the War Zone now. That's no longer an issue, though.) --Eabrace 17:14, 3 October 2007 (EDT)
Image added, but I'm not crazy about the formatting (all that white space below the image because of the TOC). Wikin00b question of the day: Could someone show me how to format that correctly to eliminate the whitespace and prevent the marker image from bleeding into the next section? The {{clr}} tag doesn't fill the need here. --Eabrace 19:25, 3 October 2007 (EDT)