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  1. (verb) Resurrect, to revive a defeated entity. When a player is defeated, they will be given the option to rez to a hospital or, if possible, to their supergroup base. When a critter (non-player) is defeated, some critters have rez powers similar to those listed below. One can also rez by using a resurrection inspiration. All are commonly referred to in-game by this term.
  2. (noun) A resurrection inspiration or power which can be used to revive a fallen character. If someone asks you if you have a rez, they want to know whether you have such an inspiration or power.
  3. (verb) Resolve, to draw an object or being in the game. Usually used when someone is waiting for an object, person or building to appear on the screen. Also used to refer to the summoning of an object (eg. to rez a portable worktable.)
  4. (adj.) Resolution, the density of a video display or graphics display. The higher the resolution, the more detailed the image, but some players will recommend you "turn down your rez" to save memory. Digital images are often categorized as "high-rez" or "low-rez." - More commonly abbreviated "res", hi-res, lo-res.

How can I tell if a power will rez?


Nearly all rez powers have the above image, which has a character laying horizontal with a large arrow pointing up.