Resilient Radial Paragon

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File:Incarnate Alpha Resilient VeryRare.png


Resilient Radial Paragon is one of the Alpha Slot Abilities that can be used with the Alpha Slot, part of the Incarnate System. This ability is Very Rare.


For all powers: Increases Damage Resistance and ToHit Buffs by 20%, and Immobilization duration, Disorient duration, Intangibility duration and Taunt durantion by 33%.

Two thirds of these bonuses ignore the effects of enhancement diminishing returns.

This power also applies a Level Shift.

How to Get

Resilient Radial Paragon is created with one of the following sets of Incarnate Components:

Any pair of:

-- and --

Salvage Etherium.png 1 Penumbra of Rularuu
Salvage StrandofFate.png 1 Drop of the Well
Salvage FavorOfTheWell.png 1 Favor of the Well


Salvage enchanted sand.png 1 Enchanted Sand
Salvage mediation techniques.png 1 Meditation Techniques
Salvage thaumic resonator.png 1 Thaumic Resonator

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