Pontice Doub

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Pontice Doub was a member of the Midnight Squad who created the Midnighter Club.



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The book in the upper left hand corner glows softly. As you move closer to it, without even touching it, words begin to unfold in your mind.

You learn of the life of the Midnight Club's founder Pontice Doub. This book is his personal memoir. His tone and words begin elegantly enough, but as they progress they inexorably devolve into fingernail scratched pages of blood and spittle. The last legible entry, December 1944, reads:

My dearest Midnight,

Soon I fear I shall take her carriage. The carriage just for you and I.

The things I have lost, the things I have given up or traded away have left me hollow, nothing more than a husk on the current.

The others do not see the darkness as I do. I pray that I have done enough to make sure they never have to.

- Pontice