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Slash Command

/petcom_pow power_name commands

commands will be sent to all pets summoned by the power whose name matches power_name. There can only be one Stance, one Action or both. If two Actions or two Stances are attempted, the command will fail.
Both power_name and commands can be truncated; see examples below.


  • PetCommand Stance Aggressive.png Aggressive - Attack everything in their Perception range, or that attacks you or any of your other pets.
  • PetCommand Stance Defensive.png Defensive - Retaliate to attacks made against you or any of your other pets.
  • PetCommand Stance Passive.png Passive - Will not attack unless specifically told to.


  • PetCommand Action Attack.png Attack - Attacks your currently selected target, regardless of Stance. Automatically switches to Follow after all nearby hostile targets are defeated.
  • PetCommand Action Follow.png Follow - Follow you.
  • PetCommand Action Stay.png Stay - Hold position. Will move a short distance from that spot if in Aggressive or Defensive mode and attacking.
  • PetCommand Action Goto.png Goto - Gives you a targeting reticule to select a spot on the ground. Pets continuously attempt to move to that spot. Similar rules to Stay.
  • PetCommand Action Dismiss.png Dismiss - Causes the pet(s) to disappear from the pet window. Henchmen and other summoned pets immediately despawn. Heavies and Turrets in Recluse's Victory hang around.


  • PetCommand ConflictingCommand.png This icon is displayed in the pet window when two or more pets that fall under the same power are given different commands . This does not indicate an error. It is simply informational.



/petcom_pow "Call Bruiser" Attack
The pet summoned by Call Bruiser will attack your current target.
/petcom_pow nin def fol
Any pet summoned by a power that has "nin" in its name (such as Call Jounin and Call Genin) will go into bodyguard mode.


/petcom_pow "Harold Smith" Follow
There is no power in game called Harold Smith.
/petcom_pow Call Passive Aggressive
No change in Stance or Action. (However, this would have gone to any pet summoned by a power with "Call" in its name).