Pet select name (Slash Command)

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Slash Command

/pet_select_name pet_name

Selects a pet from the pet list based on the first closest match to the pet's name. The pet name can be truncated.


  • pet_select_name Phantasm for Illusion Controllers.
  • pet_select_name Sing for Gravity Controllers.
  • pet_select_name "Grave Knight" Selects the closest Grave Knight (if you haven't renamed them yet).
  • pet_select_name 1 Selects the closest pet that has the number 1 in their name. For Masterminds, unrenamed pets. For Fire Controllers, their first Fire Imp. (And when Illusion Controllers have their Decoys out).

Common Uses

When Masterminds first summon their henchmen, selecting their pets and upgrading them can be a tedious task. Having binds or macros to select the pet and then activate the upgrade power can speed up the process (and drain your endurance).