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As the Paragon Wiki has grown, the site has consumed more and more server resources. At this point, I am accepting donations to help defray the hosting costs of the site. Such donations will be directly used to pay the site hosting costs.

In exchange for any donation at or above $10, I will list your name or other suitable "on behalf of" information (i.e. nothing obscene or vulgar, as determined by the administrators of the Paragon Wiki), along with a link, on the Paragon Wiki Benefactors page.

Donations may be made via PayPal, a secure third-party transaction site. Your payment information cannot be seen by me or any member of the Paragon Wiki staff. All financial transactions are displayed on the cash flow accounting page of the wiki for the community's information on the hosting costs.

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Donations Received

If you contribute, you will be asked how you want to be credited.

Individual Contributors

Supergroup Contributions

  • D.E.E.T., Pinnacle
  • The Knights of Scion, Triumph
  • Global Heroics, Triumph
  • The Paragon Taxi Service, Infinity Garage
  • Last Line of Defense, Union
  • Wei-Lei Corporation, Liberty

Anonymous Donations

To date, $140.00 in anonymous donations have been received. Although the people who made these donations prefer not to be individually recognized for their support, on behalf of the City of Heroes community, we really appreciate your contributions!