Mission:The Tsoo Coup - Search the Tsoo base for the artifacts

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Search the Tsoo base for the artifacts


One of my sources called me with some disturbing news. It seems the Tsoo have amassed quite an impressive array of artifacts lately; it's the type of stuff the Outcasts and the Warriors go crazy over. Can you go search this Tsoo base for the artifacts? Thanks, Character. I hear the leader of the base is called Copperhead. See if you can find out what he's plotting.

Mission Acceptance

Warren hasn't yet been able to ID the buildings in those blueprints you found on the Tsoo. The minute I learn something, I'll let you know.

Unnecessary Solicitation

Have you been to that base yet? I want to know what the Tsoo are up to!

Mission Objective(s)

You hear the grunts and shouts of young men engaged in earnest battle. You may have stumbled into the middle of a gang war.

  • Defeat Copperhead and his crew
    • Search for clues

You defeated Copperhead and uncovered the trap laid for the Warriors.

Icon clue generic.png
These documents detail a five-pronged Tsoo strike against the Family and the Warriors.


Notable NPCs


So there were no artifacts at that Tsoo base at all, just a trap for the Warriors? Sorry I got you mixed up in this, but I think that your presence prevented the Tsoo from gaining further ground. According to these documents you found, the Tsoo are trying to take down both the Warriors and the Family! Character, we could be looking at a major showdown.