Mission:Mr. G - Criminals of War

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Criminals of War

I shall lay out the scenario for you, Character. Vanguard has captured several people who are war criminals. There are some very... big names on that list, namely Praetor Duncan and Emperor Cole, very big names. Both will be going on trial for their crimes. It's all very... old fashioned, if you ask me. Now, I would suggest that you do not bother with them; Cole would never work with you, and Duncan is too much of a little manipulator to trust, quite the manipulator.

Instead, I suggest we break out those who would be in your debt and be quite easy to control. I have it on good authority that Bobcat, Transmuter, and Splice were all captured.

Bobcat is a drama queen, but she... can be a good combatant. Transmuter has experience from the Hamidon wars, and if his powers could be returned to him, he would be a valuable ally. Splice is technological mastermind and has the moral compass of a brick, just like a brick.

We would all make quite a good team to aid you, quite a good team.

  • Alright. I need a way to recover all of them.

Yes, exactly, I have done some research and have recovered just what you need. Vanguard is keeping these prisoners in one of their secure locations, much more secure than they have previously, due to some... issues with someone breaking out a prisoner. We would need someone on the inside, someone who knows where their prisoners are located.

There is a man, his name is General Alito. He was a member of Vanguard who went rogue during their Rikti operation. He's broken out of their custody and is now on the run in St. Martial. Quite coincidental, almost providential.

If you can assist him, I'm sure you could persuade the man to help you in your plan.

Here is his last known location. There are a few Vanguard who have been ordered to pursue Alito, the others are acting as guards. You'll have to take out the pursuers and ensure that they have nothing that can directly track Alito. I will be available, should you need any more advice.

Recover General K. Alito

Unnecessary Solicitation

Vanguard will have the building he is in surrounded, but I don't believe that will prove to be a problem for you, Character.

Mission Objective(s)


It might be unwise to go against Vanguard, but you could certainly use an entire team working beneath you. The first step is recovering General Alito.

  • Recover General K. Alito
    • 3 Vanguard Pursuers to defeat
    • Access the Vanguard Computer
    • 2 Vanguard HVAS to defeat
    • Defeat the Vanguard Commander
    • Defeat the Vanguard Reinforcements
    • Get to the roof to support the General
    • Speak to the General

General Alito has agreed to give you assistance!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard

Notable NPCs

  • General Alito (Rogue Vanguard Boss)
Contact Small Vanguard Computer.jpg
Vanguard Computer


You access Vanguard's remote computer and tap into one of the cameras on the roof. You see General Alito and some of his loyalists are cornered by several Vanguard soldiers and their heavy assault suits.

You could wait until the groups fight each other, then swoop in and clean up the mess, or you could jump in before the fighting begins to aid Alito and his men.

Aiding Alito before the fighting begins will be very difficult, especially if you're going to do it alone.

  • (Go up and help Alito)
  • (Wait for the fight to be over)

Contact Small General Alito.jpg
General Alito


Character, I am in your debt for your help. There would've been a day where I would have attacked you, but now my allies are in short supply.

You must want me for something, otherwise you would have just attacked me by now.

  • (Explain the situation to Alito)

That is something I could easily help you with. If I know Vanguard, they will have brought the prisoners to one of their sea bases over in the pacific.

It's well guarded from unknown air or submarine access. You'll need to commandeer a Vanguard helicopter in order to get there. If you can get me a helicopter and the codes to pilot it, I can fly you straight to the base. I'll use some old authorization codes to get us a landing permit to the base.

From what I can tell, Vanguard should have a helicopter somewhere in St. Martial; the pursuers who were after me were talking about tracking down some IDF who are holed up in a Rikti base.

  • Alright, Alito, you've got a deal.

Steal a Vanguard Helicopter

Unnecessary Solicitation

Ah, stealing a helicopter? Quite brilliant. I would expect nothing less from the leader of the renegade Vanguard.

Mission Objective(s)


You arrive at the area that Alito told you about. You can hear the sound of a Vanguard helicopter nearby, ready to take off at a moment's notice.

  • Steal a Vanguard Helicopter
    • 4 Vanguard groups to defeat
    • Speak with Commander Anders
    • Speak with the Vanguard Pilot

You've got the codes for the Vanguard helicopter!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard
V badge Loyalist.png Imperial Defense Force

If you previously completed the story arc from Dean MacArthur:

Contact Small Commander Anders.jpg
Commander Anders


You... what is it that you want from me? You're not here with Vanguard to try to bring us in, or else you'd have done it already.

My men and I are just trying to establish a new base here while waiting for orders from the others who escaped.

  • I'm not going to bother with words! (Attack!)
+++ Missing Information +++
  • I'm here to make you an offer, to join my team.
No, Character, I serve Praetoria, I serve Emperor Cole, even in his moment of darkness!
I would never betray the oath that I have sworn.
  • Alright, then we'll do this the hard way! (Attack!)
+++ Missing Information +++
  • Fair enough. I want the Vanguard operative in your custody.
This selection loops to another branch of this conversation which is already documented.
  • I'm here for the Vanguard operative that you have
We need the operative for leverage, Character. Then again... if you're here, it must mean you've taken out the Vanguard topside. Very well, I'll make you a deal.
We'll hand the operative over to you on the condition that you help free one of our own, Commander Gerard, from the Vanguard prison he is being held in. I must warn you, however. If you make this deal and break it, we will track you down. Our vengeance will be swift and powerful.
You can always promise to help the IDF out and just simply not rescue the commander. Perhaps it would even be better. The people in the Isles need to know you're not one to be crossed!
  • Alright, I'll recover your commander from the Vanguard.
Excellent. You can find the operative in the back. Take what you need from him. We'll be expecting Commander Gerard back in our custody soon, Character.
  • You have my word.
  • No deal, I'm taking the operative! (Attack!)
+++ Missing Information +++

Icon clue generic.png
IDF Support
You agreed to help the IDF by rescuing Commander Gerard from Vanguard custody. You could always go back on your word, but it would mean dealing with the IDF down the line.


You use your unique abilities to extract the codes that General Alito needs to pilot the Vanguard helicopter. Now that you have the codes, you don't necessarily need this man any longer.

  • (Kill the operative)
+++ Missing Information +++
  • (Leave him for the IDF)

Attack Vanguard's Prison Base

Unnecessary Solicitation

This is the time to enact the plan, Character!

If you talked to Dean MacArthur between missions:


YO! Character! What up! It's been a while, +++ Missing Information +++ / my beautiful flower! I bet you're wondering, 'Dean, what is someone so cool like you doing calling me out of the blue?'

Wonder no more! So, check it. I dunno who it is, but some guy has been keeping tabs on your movements. I think he's got a plan to go after you.

Now, you and me, we're like, thick and thin, right? +++ Missing Information +++ / I mean, you could cut the romantic tension between us with a knife! So I'm thinkin' this.

I'll keep an ear to the ground, try to see if someone is gonna mess with you. If I find anything out, I'll let you know, 'cause that's what a guy like D-Mac does!

  • ... Right, thanks Dean.

Icon clue generic.png
Dean MacArthur's Oath
Dean MacArthur swore that he would help you out and keep an eye out on this mysterious man who seems to be tracking your movements.

Mission Objective(s)


General Alito lands the helicopter, while Mr. G escorts you out. You'll have to move quicklyto take down Vanguard's defenses and recover those war criminals.

  • Attack Vanguard's prison base
    • Rescue Commander Gerard (Optional)
    • Rescue Transmuter
    • Rescue Bobcat
    • Rescue Splice
    • Defeat and defenses to gain access to Subjugator 5
    • Rescue Subjugator 5

You've rescued all of your war criminals!


V badge Vanguard.png Vanguard

Notable NPCs

Icon clue generic.png
Commander Gerard Saved
You stayed true to your word and saved Commander Gerard. This should keep the remaining IDF from breathing down your back.
Icon clue generic.png
Codename Subjugator 5
Transmuter told you that Vanguard has a powerful Subjugator deep within the prison. The Subjugators were failed seer experiments who had sickly growths shooting from their heads. Normally, they're incredibly powerful and insane. However, Subjugator 5 is different. She is able to control herself, to an extent, and is also powerful.

Perhaps if you could free her from Vanguard you could gain yet another member of your team.

Icon clue generic.png
Praetor Barry's Fate
Bobcat explained to you what happened to Praetor Berry, AKA Neuron, AKA Bobcat's ex-boyfriend. Berry and Bobcat were teleported to safety after Vanguard's attack on Neutropolis.

The two hid in the Neutropolis until Emperor Cole was defeated and Hamidon attacked.

Berry tried to use Bobcat as bait for the Hamidon while he got away, but Bobcat saw through Berry's plan. In a fit of passionate rage, Bobcat killed Praetor Berry, then was captured by the Vanguard. The scientists in Vanguard used some sort of serum to prevent Bobcat from flying into a rage, leaving her to be nothing more than a socialite.

Arrange your first meeting

Unnecessary Solicitation

Let's have our first meeting, Character.


Shall we get started, Character?

  • (Enter mission)

Mission Objective(s)


All of your allies have been gathered. Now, it's time to form your first plan and utilize your resources...

  • Arrange your first meeting
    • Speak with Mr. G
    • Speak with Mr. G about Wu Yin

Wu Yin has put a bounty out for you!


Ah, Character. As you can see, everyone has been gathered. It's a shame that Bobcat can no longer be an able fighter, but she will do well to help find you information. She will have to, at least. The catgirl has become far too lazy to be a capable fighter. I will, of course, look into ways of fixing that.

We're still in control of Vanguard's helicopter; this will allow us to do whatever we wish in the future.

  • Excellent. Now, on to our first plan...

There are several paths that I would suggest we take with our plans. Subjugator 5, of course, is a major asset. The power stored within that... thing could be devastating, when directed at the right target. I believe it's just a matter of finding who to go after first with it.

  • You're my information man. Get me a list of targets.


Hey! There's something on the communicator here. They're talking about us. I knew it was a good idea to hang around all of you!

  • What? (Look at the communicator)


Wu Yin: Hello, citizens of the Rogue Isles. My name is Wu Yin.
Wu Yin: I am broadcasting this message to you all to put forth a bounty.
Wu Yin: Character is currently housing Praetorian criminals.
Wu Yin: Whoever brings me Character, alive, will be given twenty million dollars. -Only- if he / she is alive.
Wu Yin: Be careful, as Character has -

Wu Yin: What?! Who is interrupting this?
Dean MacArthur: The ONE, the ONLY, Dean MacArthur! D-Mac, to the ladies.
Dean MacArthur: Now, Character and I are old friends, the kind +++ Missing Information +++ / with romantic tension! You mess with him / her, you mess with the Macster!
Dean MacArthur: Anyone out there thinking about claiming this bounty should just walk away, 'cause Character will take you down!
Dean MacArthur: And then he's / she's gonna come after you, Yin-boy, and you ain't gonna be able to handle that perfect storm!


It seems you have more friends than I knew of, Character. This Dean MacArthur proved useful in stopping Wu Yin from revealing more about us.

Myself and the others will work on a proper plan of attack for you. We should have something together in very little time, and we will be able to provide you the support necessary to stomp out Mr. Yin.

  • Good to hear, Mr. G


Upon completing this mission, you are awarded the War Criminal Badge.

File:Badge i24 StMartial Arc.png War Criminal

You worked together with Mr. G to break out several criminals of war from Vanguard custody.


Transmuter and Bobcat have come up with a proposal of how we can deal with this current scenario, Character.

I believe it's quite brilliant myself. You'll see that having the group of us around is going to be very helpful to your cause. Our next steps will show that quite nicely... quite nicely.